Selling Essential Items. Allowed or not?


Hello everyone. I’ll get straight to the point and thank you all in advance that are truly looking to help a fellow FBA seller. At the end of the day, we all go through the same struggles and we all have similar goals. If you’re here to show how much of a smart a$$ you are then please save it. There’s enough negativity going around in the world right now.

With that being said I have a simple question. What’s the policy in regards to adding new listings of essential items such as gloves, masks, hand sanitizer, and similar products? I’ve done the research and what I keep reading about is in regard to price gauging. I can’t find any restrictions other than being fair with the pricing. At this point, my goal would be to be as fair as possible while still running my business and supplying for my family.

I would also appreciate anyone who can give me any limits or exact numbers/percentages when it comes to price gauging. Everything I found on price gauging seems to be so general that it leaves the law open to interpretation.

Thanks and best of luck to everyone!


I think they are restricted these items from being listed as of now, I could be wrong though…


Not a geat time to try and make a profit off these items. If you werent selling them before, I wouldnt be selling them now.


Why not? I’d appreciate it if you can elaborate.


Then why do you lead off with an entire paragraph of negativity?


Out of the entire paragraph I made one comment about not posting negative comments and now it’s an entire paragraph?

With all due respect Bob, if you don’t have an actual answer to the post I don’t see the need for your comment at all.


Opportunist sellers like you, are EXACTLY way these items are now restricted.


I’m a FBA seller so if I see an opportunity I take it. If your ultimate goal isn’t to sell products with a high volume of sales that will generate a descent return then perhaps you’re in the wrong business buddy. Maybe you can goo work for a non profit. And the reason I posted this is to learn about the policies, restrictions and everything in between. If it’s not allowed then all I did was ask a question and nothing more. If you’re mad about something don’t take it out on me.


They are restricted and you know that


As fun as it sounds I’m not here to ask questions I already know the answer to. If there’s a new or temporary policy that amazon put into place I didn’t see it so I came here to ask.



Go ahead create the listing, try to arrange a FBA shipment, see if they will take it?

I don’t think any of us can actually answer your question, it’s Amazon’s platform, if they allow you to create a listing, allow you to send it in to be fulfilled by Amazon warehouse ( FBA )you’re probably good… until…


The above link should take you to all the Amazon announcements for Amazon news … There are several probably dealing with the subject that you have questions about, perhaps you might want to read them…


Thank you


Your post kind of reads as “How much can I get away with price gouging?”.

You should not mark up more than usual retail markup, IMO.

Some state and municipal laws set the maximum % increase allowed above normal retail price at 10% during disaster declaration. So if normal retail price is $100, you risk fines if you go higher than $110 for example.

Amazon doesn’t give a specific allowed price markup, but they have been suspending people over markups on such items.


or $5 to $5.50! That why sellers like this are getting shut down


I would not touch this now.
They are bot attacking items that have nothing to do with the virus because a keyword like mask or wipes is in the title.
Many, many long time sellers have been suspended recently for going 50 cents above what amazon thinks they should charge…no matter what they paid for it.


Thanks to all who provided an honest and useful answer. I would’ve liked a link to an actual amazon policy in regards to this but I doubt there is one so I’ll take the information provided by anyone.

In regards to price gauging I looked around but there’s not concrete percentage (at least here in Florida) so I know Muscy gave the example of selling a $5.00 product for $50 and yes I consider that to be completely unfair and just plain disgusting but where does a fair and just price end and where does price gauging begin? In these crazy moments most of us are trying to make sense of things and try to put food on the table the best way we know how to under these extenuating circumstances.


$5 for $5.50 = 10%

That’s what I posted and it is often times gouging


As far as masks go, Amazon is taking thousands of listings down that have the word mask.

Facial skin masks
Halloween masks
Masking tape

So that option is dead.


Great, i got a lot of people texting me i am gouging with the prices and makes me sad because you are right we are here for making business and make money this is like the stock market just like that I don’t know why are some sellers to trying to hurt other sellers that is the reason we are like we are right now because we always thinking in the bad part.