Selling branded products at Amazon


I have been selling a branded products for a year and all of a sudden they deactivate it and requiring some documents such as invoice and authorization to sell.

Since I am and independent representative or reseller of the said branded products i directly bought the products from my website where the supplier allowed me to be in control of all my products and supplies bought from them.

Invoices, receipt and packing list were provided and even the information from my website that i have an ID and website ID but they are still refusing for me to sell the products as what they wanted is an actual standard copy of invoice and standard letter from my supplier that it cant be done because everything is on my website that Amazon refused to accept.

Kindly advise what to do. Thanks.


Get a letter of authorization from the Brand.


Actually the Branded Company or Supplier answered me that they cant provide specific letter of authorization as it was already stated on my email “Congratulating me as an Indpendent Representative” which they told me to just show that to them thus I just do and cut and paste that email where there is also an information on the sender that they can ask and verify. So they still declined it.


You might be in a pyramid scheme.


No it is not. Infact these kind of products were been even sold by other sellers in Amazon so how come they can sell it but I cant.


What is the brand?