Selling branded items on Amazon


I want to sell “Dexter” brand item on Amazon.

What documents should I have for the item that I will sell?

Do I need to have permission from my supplier or from the manufacturer of the “Dexter” brand to sell an item of this brand on Amazon?


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That is a question for the entity who holds the rights to Dexter–the brand owner.

If your supplier and the manufacturer are not the same, then you should start by asking the manufacturer, as well as research on your own who actually is in charge of the Dexter brand.

At a minimum, you should be prepared to provide the following, if requested by Amazon:

  • a traditional purchase invoice from the brand directly or an authorized distributor (possibly the manufacturer or supplier, but the brand owner should clarify this; you might need to purchase directly) accounting for your sales/inventory/stock for the past 365 days
  • a complete set of supply chain documentation, from the brand owner all the way to you
  • supplier contact information
  • proof of business liability insurance, if you are on the Professional selling plan OR if you are on the Individual selling plan and meet minimum monthly sales requirements (see screenshots below)

Other documentation that might be requested:

  • information about your business (e.g., website, business license, any certifications or approvals, etc)
  • for certain products via FBA, a Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS; SDS) or exemption sheet
  • for certain products via FBA or FBM, consumer product safety and compliance documents, including CPCs and testing
  • a Letter of Authorization (LOA) from the brand owner giving you permission to resell Dexter products on Amazon
  • other

…and that is all I can think of right now. It really depends on the product, the brand, the category, and the Seller.

Insurance requirements for all Sellers from the BSA

From Amazon Services Business Solutions Agreement:

Expanding A-to-z Guarantee to protect customers and sellers (US)
A ruling deals a major blow to amazon! amazon has fought off product liability lawsuits for years. but it appears they are down for the count!
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