Selling a Necktie, What should I put for "size"?


I am selling a necktie and Amazon is asking for a “size” and “size chart” reference. I was wondering if anyone had any insight on how I should list this? It’s a generic skinny-tie:
58" in length,
2.5" inches wide at the end of the tie


I would look at another listing for a tie and see what information they used.


I did that, but for some reason the ties I’ve seen don’t have sizes. I don’t know why?


I guess you have the item in the wrong category


I think I am in the right category, But that could be the issue. I started a case. Thank you for your help


What should I put for “size”?




I should put a 6 for size?


Personally, I would enter ‘clown’


I just added a wrap dress and in size I put in 48" long, 58" wide. Or, you can put in OS but in the description, add the specifics.


Thank you! I will try that.