Sellers FRAUDULENTLY selling dangerous goods


There are quite a few sellers selling compressed air items within my niche that are listing there items as non hazardous.

I know they are hazmat because I sell the same sort of products and I am legitimately in the hazmat program. Also, If you search there ASIN within “Check if a product is a dangerous good” it will clearly say this product is not considered a dangerous good.

Bots didn’t flag there listing because it doesn’t say compressed air anywhere in the listing title or bullets.

I wouldn’t care so much if I didn’t have to jump through so many hoops in order to get my products approved.

I have emailed, seller-support and the product compliance. I have even reported violations and listing abuse and still no help.

What you guys suggest I do

Just a few sellers:
1.Seller’s name: Innovatus Worldwide

Link to their storefront:

  1. Seller’s name: Pearl and Co
    ASIN: B081781SYK

Link to their storefront:

  1. Seller’s name: TUR Brands
    ASIN: B07VXL6SH1

Link to their storefront:



Attn: please assist OP


Reporting listing violations seems very “hit or miss.” I see some listing abuse in our category, and only reported a few that were actually dealing in federally regulated materials in amounts that could land a buyer a felony -but these weren’t even removed. I wont bother with the others that are really just about mislabeling of product to enable selling it for unintended uses.


For sure. I would think that Amazon would have there be an easier way to have listings like this investigated…especially with how much trouble they got in previously due to thier big hazmat debacle.