Sellercentral account linked to my personal prime account?


Hi Everybody. I can’t get my seller central account to unlink from my personal amazon prime account. When I’m in seller central and I scroll to the bottom to my buying account link, it pops me over to my personal prime account. I have an Amazon Business Account that I would like linked to my seller account instead. If I go in to my sellercentral account and change my email/login it changes my personal prime account login and email. Is this customary? I’m new, but I am aware of getting red flagged by the bots. I’ve really enjoyed my experience as a seller so far and don’t want anything to jeopardize my ability to continue to sell on Amazon. I have my second case order in to see if they will look into correcting it for me. I order supplies for my fba business on Amazon sometimes and don’t want to break any policy guidelines by using my Prime account. If this is just Amazon’s customary practice then I’ll quit sweating it, but if not, please advise if this is a technical issue or not. Thank you in advance.


Greetings Happy Hens,

Thank you so much for reaching out today. When you create a Amazon Selling Account, if you used the same E-mail Address as your buying account the two accounts will be linked. It is not possible to separate these accounts. There is no problem with having multiple Amazon Buying accounts however you can only have one selling account. Thank you for your understanding. You can review Amazon’s Prohibited Seller Activities and Actions via the link below:

[ Prohibited Seller Activities and Actions |]

Thank you so much for your understanding. If you have any additional questions or concerns please reach out again. Please have a lovely day.

-Glenn S.

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