Seller University panel discussion: Amazon selling policies


Seller University is Amazon’s central learning hub where current and aspiring sellers learn how to sell and succeed.

Seller University is hosting a panel discussion on Amazon selling policies on January 20, 2022, at 12 p.m. (PT) .

In this webinar, sellers gets an overview of Amazon selling policies and what they mean for sellers. Tune in to learn about Account Health and Amazon policies like Intellectual property, restricted products, and counterfeit policies.

For more information and to register, go to the Seller University Webinar page



Since it says “panel discussion” can I assume sellers will have the opportunity to voice their opinions and thoughts?


Whats the over/under on any valuable information being obtained from this?




:nerd_face: Nerds can always find some educational value, in even the most unlikely of places. :laughing:


I can’t wait. Popcorn and several bottles of wine ready to go. Want to stay sober for this. Not.


Before you have a discussion on your policy… Everyone and Amazon needs to know what the policy is! I’m dealing with an issue right now where FBA says you’re fine to sell the products… The quality health team or whatever you call them account health team says no you can’t sell this product or you’ll be suspended
Meanwhile, I have the OK from FBA! Communicate with you with each other and make our lives easier please


I know right!? It was hypothetical because we all know it won’t happen LOL


Well I’m just too curious this time to stay away, so count me in.

I promise to behave and be a good little listener. :zipper_mouth_face:


I don’t need to spend time watching a panel discuss policies of programs that don’t work. Perhaps you could have one of your panelists ask what the definition of invoice is versus receipt, where it says a BOL is required to be stamped, or how to do a convoluted partial refund to prevent the system from blocking claims.


So, is it safe to assume that whatever information or answers given are Amazons official interpretations of Amazons policies and procedures that can be referenced back upon by sellers as the clear cut, black and white way that Amazon wants something done?


If it’s like any other ‘expert panels’, the sellers tuning in will know far more about the topics at hand than the Amazon “experts” running the show.

I can’t see how an event like this would offer anything of value, since I have no confidence the Amazonians know the selling policies, or ‘what they mean for sellers’. Sure, they know what the polices say on the books, but do they know how they are actually implemented or what sellers actually need to know about them?

I’m sure this will be just another useless Amazon dog and pony show. :roll_eyes:


Can we sellers submit questions and get answers to specific issues or is this a new seller orientation process overview?
If questions are allowed to be submitted and put on an agenda previous to the panel then I would sign up but if it is just an overview then not really interested.
ETA: I would hate to agree with @Cowards_Won_NSFE as to policies not being implemented or being a hit or miss implementation but experience has shown such to be the course.
ETA2: I also had to learn that if I could not tutor a subject I did not know the subject.


I once had a contractor that always insisted on sending me lengthy instruction videos whereas one page of 8 x 11 would explain it perfectly in less than 1/3 of the time, it makes me realize if someone can’t illustrate and simplify a topic to start with then he/she has no business wasting everyone else’s time to do a video or webinar.


I am going to be discussing how to play the amazon game better. With a panel of my own experts…
Topic Catalog management
How to outsmart the bots.
Topic PPC
How to make more from PPC
Topic Buy Box
How to get and keep the Buy Box.
Every year we update our selling strategy to play more aggressively on the amazon board of lets make money. And keep it. LOL :sunglasses:


For those of you spending time watching, be sure to come on here and summarize the wealth of knowledge gained. I am with @racingroxstore on this one.


Take a drink every time they tell you to just read the policy text or imply that you should verify what they say against the policy text.


That would be a change.


Unfortunately, I also agree with you two.