Seller support wont redirect me to captive team


hey, I’ve been trying to contact the Captive team due to my account suspension. but I’ve talk to the ower of the IP claim and he has sent a retraction letter to amazon and they removed my IP claims and I’ve received an email saying:

Thank you for submitting more information regarding your notice of infringement. We reviewed the information you provided and have reinstated your account and listings.

To learn more about this policy, search for “Intellectual Property Violations” in Seller Central Help (

In an effort to protect our community, we sometimes err on the side of caution. We are sorry for any inconvenience this has caused.
Seller Performance Team

and my account is still suspended


There have been hundreds of IP infringement claims, with final approvals.
You have to just wait your turn in the big, big pile.
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I thought the Captive Team was just a higher level of Seller Support, perhaps USA based.

Sounds like you still need help from Seller Performance.


Exactly: the Captive Team is for catalog correction, no?


Hello @Unique_productions

Abraham here with Amazon willing to assist you with some of your concerns.

This is definitely a strange issue as I have seen some sellers have a lag of actually being reinstated after the notification is sent to your performance notifications. If this issue is still ongoing once you read this post I would suggest contacting us again via the appeal button in your performance notifications or the email address listed in your original enforcement notifications.

Our captive team would not be the avenue to go down as we would be able to assist you with the listing itself but not the reinstatement of the account. Make sure when you send a response to us you refer to the performance notification you have received regarding your reinstatement and all the retractions you have received. We will send you a notification clarifying this situation afterwards.

Thank you for your response.



Up until last year, the Captive Team used to be based in the US. They were a fantastic resource with tons of knowledge, experience and knew the ins and outs of the platform. The best part was that they had personal relationships with other teams and got stuff done.

Now the “Captive Team” is overseas and they’re nothing more than a 1st level Seller Support agent with better communication skills. Their answers are scripted, they can’t think outside the box and since they’ve been overseas, have not been willing or able to help me with a single issue.

It’s a real shame what’s happened to this team.


incorrect. this has Always been the case… The USA Team is a random luck of the Draw when using the CS contact system. But you can Always request a support agent in the USA. and if you know the correct team that helps to.


I spoke to a few Captive Team members last year who had been with Amazon for 10+ years. They told me that for the US marketplace most of the Captive Team sat in North Dakota and the rest worked remotely (in the US). I specifically asked if there was an offshore presence and was told there wasn’t.

Doesn’t really matter but in 2019 I have yet to talk to a US based Captive Team member. There’s a noticeable difference in the help I’ve received.

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