Seller support vanished?


Cannot get anyone to call us back. Seller support keeps sending the same boiler plate response to our emailed question. Please help…have never in years had this lack of response from Amazon. Thanks


What are you trying to find out? We rarely talk to Seller Support. We like to have a written transcript of the conversation. Other idea - have you tried their chat feature? Sometimes that works for ‘urgent’ issues.


What do they keep posting?



A friend that is a seller called in the last 2 days and was told that seller support was disbanded!?!


They will call you back if you click the “Urgent” box at the bottom of the form in Seller Support. But it really does not matter whether they call you back or not…most of the people you get on the phone do not understand what they are doing. Unless you call in the early AM in the US you will get someone who does not speak English as a first language and they have a difficult time understanding what you are asking…nevermind getting an answer. If you are lucky enough to be connected to someone in the “Catalog Captives” group you might be able to get a solution to your problem. Very frustrating…it seems that although Amazon touts the fact that 50% of all items purchased on Amazon come from small businesses…they don’t really seem to care about those small business sellers.


How do you access the chat feature? I don’t see this anywhere.


It is no longer available. You have to open a case. If you are a pro seller, you can request a call back.


Just sickening on every level after being on Amazon 15 yrs. Sooooooooo glad WE, I, helped make him the richest man in the world, and even happier for his wife that everyone is bragging about donating half her 32 BILLION. Try repaying the sellers you are continuously screwing DAILY!?


Seller Support can only be reached through Help/Contact us… just telephone contact and chat have been “disbanded”


But the help/contact is USELESS as a computer answers with unhelpful information and you can never get a REAL response from Amazon in any way!


They are horrible. Only vague, boiler plate responses. I havn’t been able to get direct replies to my open cases in over a year now. it takes 7+ back and forth messages to get something other than a link to their policies/FAQ’s. Amazon seriously needs to re-train their staff/robots. They make a stressful time selling on Amazon even more stressful. we dread having to contact them and at times, eat the cost or even pull products so long as we don’t need to involve them.


They dont care at all about your small busines. Half of the seller support reps sell on AMazon themselves (many have told me when I ask) and it supports their foreign economies. You’re just competition to them. It’s not in their best interest to help you.


where do you write them and get an actual response?