Seller Performance Ignoring Competitor Listing Abuse


Another seller has their product listed in the GPS Cases category when it really should be in the Cell Phone Accessories category. ASIN: B01A7MACL2
They’re deliberately placing their product in a less competitive category to attain the #1 Best Seller accolade. We’ve opened a case multiple times only to receive the following message from Seller Performance repeatedly:


Thank you for your report of a suspected policy violation. We cannot take action on the report based on the information you provided.

If you believe a policy violation has occurred, please resubmit your complaint with the following information:
– The ASIN(s) of the product(s) or Order ID.
– A link to the product detail page.
– The marketplace.
– The seller you are reporting, if applicable.
– Describe the specific concern that you have with the listing or the product detail page. For example, a seller added incorrect variations to game product reviews, or the product is being sold as new, but it is used.

Seller Performance Team

What can be done at this point? TIA


Amazon does not really follow so much if it is a seller reporting a seller. Some has stated that from the buyer’s view of the listing, hitting report incorrect product information gets acted on.


Thanks for the quick reply. I have done that and also had 10+ friends and family do the same with no luck.


A great strategy to have your report ignored.


Fair enough