Seller Central Payments Summary Widget Removal


While reading more of this just now I was thinking of the other venue that I sell on, eCRATER. They have made a few changes to our Seller Administration page (their version of Seller Central). The changes that they have made are few and far between and are helpful as they added something site-wide and now the link for that change is available. These places don’t have to keep changing things. One of the many reasons that I love selling on eCRATER!


I think the access to forums will eventually be hidden in the HELP as the Case Log Is now.


For us, it is worse than that. Today, I (temporarily?) see the old Payments Summary box. It shows an outstanding Invoiced Payments amount due. Clicking on that link takes me to the spiffy new “tree of life”-style reporting … showing no activity in the period since the last payment. Choosing “Disbursements::Invoiced” from there shows me a payment in process (just getting started) with a $0 balance. “Statement View::Invoiced Orders::Current Settlement period” shows $0. I do have an unshipped business (invoice) order (should I expect to see in that total? I think not). I do see shipped-but-not-yet-paid invoice orders, under Deferred Payment, which is the number I’m looking for, but there’s no total (wasn’t the goal to provide a summary?) … however, there is a prominent link asking for us to give Amazon even more money to get paid on time, instead of this invoice baloney that we never asked for that was pitched as another “feature.” (Feature: n., slang (Amazon): a system whereby Amazon can increase share price by giving 3PS money to buyers).

I’m not even saying any of this is wrong, for certain values of “wrong”, but this is not a simplification or improvement.


Maybe you are thinking of the graph that the mobile app has?

It would be really great if the mobile app sales reporting features were built in to the main page of the “desktop” site with the same look and feel. I’m so accustomed to the mobile apps graph that I use them instead of the business reports on the site.

Side note, when my daughter was two she decided that the 30 day graph looked like french fries so she likes to pretend to grab a french fry and eat it. Then she discovered if you click on the french fries you can get to the sauces that she then pretends to dip the french fry into.


Agreed, Deferred Payment’s screen should really provide a total and the order numbers should be clickable, Deferred Payments should be in the homepage topbar widget total, and at the top of the Statement View.


With all due respect, I would have to disagree. Amazon has already admitted that they would rather that sellers fix their own problems instead of relying on a ‘seller support’ system.

On May 28th, Pax_Amazon stated:

As we focus on self-service, sellers must make attempts to be …

Also, remember that the Seller Forums, not to long ago, was represented on the Seller Central dashboard in a non-tile format. Since then, it has been bumped up to become one of the coveted tiles.

And pretty much any direct link to any kind of ‘seller support’ help, including case logs, has been removed from the main page, accessible now only by 2 or more clicks. Out of sight, out of mind.


I think I have seen a Dilbert cartoon on this subject.


Not to nit pick, but I think you do like the widgets.

It’s the tiles that you don’t like.

Widgets are what is being removed. (I think)

Please correct me if I am mistaken.


I think tiles and widgets are the same thing. If not then yes, the problem is the tiles.


Funny thing now is that on 2 different computers in the same building, the top ribbon has disappeared. Gotta love Amazon IT people.


Same. I actually liked the top ribbon and suggested that it didn’t hurt to have both options available for Sellers. :woman_facepalming:


:mega: Please see this post for just some of the Forum topics about the changes to the Seller Central home page. There has to be a middle ground for functionality and usability!


What I am finding too which makes this whole thing even worse is that throughout the day they are shuffles where the boxes end up. With half of them missing (it seems from all the white area now available) I don’t understand why they have to keep shuffling the cards throughout the day which means we all have to try and figure out where things are. When I have to see old orders when I have no current ones it is even worse, trying to get to the manage orders pages as for months now I can only access that page via the widget, not the link up at the top of the page with inventory, etc.

Of course, if we miss a sale because of their card game, we will be the ones getting the metric strike not the IT guys. I have enough nonsense to deal with in my life. Why throw this in on top of it as I don’t see that it serves any purpose to anybody. Did ANY Seller go “Oh Goody! They changed the Seller Central Page and now it is exactly how I want it!” Seriously doubt it. How soon do you think we will be getting the questions about when did they change the page from people who rarely sell a thing here? Kind of the like the book sellers that a year after the fact couldn’t figure out where the $1.80 fee came from.


Where can I see how many orders amazon has shipped per day? I like to keep tabs on that at a quick glance


I feel the same way. It appears they just want to get ride of us 3rd party sellers and just concentrate on the larger corporate sellers. I’ve been selling on Amazon almost 20 years now and this is the last straw for me!!!..If I can not have access to my payment summaries…like I always have…then I will be leaving Amazon ASAP _


I honestly believe these changes are made as obstacles meant to intentionally trip up anyone who does not stay vigilant. We never have a say in the changes and AMZ is never concerned on how they affect us as sellers. It has to be intentional. This may be their passive aggressive way of “thinning the herd” with regards to 3P sellers. I’m no conspiracy theorist but between these actions and the “bots gone wild”, I have no other explanation. :disappointed:


This is a horrible change that makes it more difficult to access the information sellers need. Is the info still -somewhere- in Seller Central? Yes. But why make it much more difficult? Where is the “improvement” in that?

The feedback from the seller community is loud and clear. There are thousands of posts/replies on this topic. What are you going to do, Amazon Seller Central team?


This is one of the worse change Amazon has done. Previous experience was much better where sales and payment KPIs were available at first glance only.