Seller Central Payments Summary Widget Removal


This one is easy. The people modifying the seller page which was much more efficient and USABLE five years ago than it is today, have never actually sold anything as a merchant in Amazon!!! They know nothing about the need for quick data needed in the middle of processing orders. They want to show off their CSS skills and get raises and I ores each other with “would t it be cool if we put tons of surveys and news and forum sruff in gig boxes on top of the page, and then let’s get rid of all that selling data about orders and payments and returns and claims and bury it. It dies t look cool so we don’t look cool. And how about what boat or plane or mansion Jeff just bought there instead? And Amazon stock prices. Would tvrgatcbe cool?”

I guarantee that Seller Cental will get rid of all key data needed by sellers in very short order. The programmers and “experience” guys don’t do what we do and not have ex’s clue as to what we need. I hate everything they’ve done and it’s not useful to sellers.




That is because we have given up on changing all of the aforementioned problems, and we still hold a faint hope of changing this one.


you forgot the box that leads to seller forums (which will completely replace seller support by then)


I’m just glad that Amazon is not manufacturing automobiles.

Forget the brakes, seat belts, and the steering column…

Let’s put the speedometer in the trunk, the gas gauge should be part of the gas cap, the temperature gauge will fit nicely under the rear passenger seat, etc etc…


The original payments summary pre-covid-19 was 100 times better. Pretty flows of color does not enhance usability.


[quote=“Themis_Designs, post:68, topic:654394, full:true”]
Has Amazon never heard the expression, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”?[/quote]

No, but they seem to be fans of one I’ve seen at a few places, “If it ain’t broke, fix it until it is. Then call it improved.”


I don’t like the widgets. 75% of them I never even use anyway. Please take seller central back to the layout it was 3 months ago. If Amazon’s programmers are bored and need something to do during this time, send them to one of the fulfillment centers to help process incoming shipments. That would be a better utilization of manpower at this time considering they’re running 3-4 weeks behind.


That’s probably THE most important part of the page. What is the reason for hiding it? This makes zero sense.


Let’s not kid ourselves; this is a complete cluster…You took a perfectly good Seller Central home page and turned it into a complete mess.


I agree with everybody. “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” The elephant in the room is Seller Support, but I suppose they will never improve that.


What happened to the graph that showed sales over a period of time for the different sites? That was extremely helpful and gave you a quick idea how sales were going. I can’t believe they removed that. One of the most important pieces I ever saw on the home page.



WHY? WHY? WHY? I use this everyday!!! PLEASE reevaluate and don’t remove this widget!!!


No kidding. I have 14 of them BTW. They take down something we actually all use and force a bunch of tiles we (at least I) never use like: List Globally (Aka: get your account auto suspended for a violation on the new global account, No thank you), Improve Your Cash Flow (By reducing your price to below cost), Stranded Inventory (usually because Bots have gone wild), Match BB Price (Our repricer does that).

If they let us add/delete tiles that would be the best improvement they made to the SS dashboard in years. I actually prefer the old version we had many years ago. Simple and it had everything we needed. Wouldn’t it be amazing if they actually used their “polling” tile to pole sellers and see if we want something added or removed? I mean, we’re only the ones using it. Just saying.


This is it, spot on.

Amazon allows changes to be made from origins with zero insight as to what is needed…or what might be helpful and efficient…

I try to keep an open mind about changes, knowing it’s in our nature as humans to resist change. However, I can’t seem to squeeze one single advantage out of the awful changes done to our main seller page as of late. It’s beginning to feel like some form of punishment.

Way to build a relationship with your sellers, Amazon! Way to Go!


And the sad part is that it sucked to begin with :joy:


So what the change of seller homepage that is going to be is : less good widgets, more bad blocks! Less OK UI, more clicks.


This is a really bad idea. As others have said, please do not remove the one widget that is useful.


Thank you! I didn’t know that it was possible to do this as I pay so little attention to most of those boxes. I went through and rated all the widgets that I could. So I have now rated the page and the widgets themselves. I wonder if the voice of several thousand 3P sellers (I have no clue how many follow the forum in lurk mode) would help them to start paying attention to us.