Seller Central Payments Summary Widget Removal


Completely irresponsible move on Amazon’s part. My homepage is 80% empty now as it is with the exception of polls that I don’t want, “news” articles that I rarely look at. I just noticed my “restock inventory” widget is now gone on the right hand side, as is my case log! use to be easy to see “1 case needs attention”, but now I have to hunt and search! The same will now be true with MONEY!


Don’t forget the pay to play review scam widget


This stuff used to happen every summer when the bosses’ kids came in to do their “internship”. We had to do all kinds of “improvements” they came up with. Can’t argue with the little rugrats that can go home and cry to Daddy, now can you?


You cant possibly make the home page any worse guys cmon enough is enough. 2020 is hard enough.


Why don’t you take surveys and listen to the sellers and find out exactly what we need instead of thinking what we need just to keep your programmers (who know nothing about selling) employed. Every change that has been made in the past few months have not been for the benefit of most sellers as far as I can see/read you keep removing things we need and adding things we don’t.

Conduct a real survey or focus group to speak with Sellers, process and analyze that information and make changes based on what the majority needs and/or can use.

Are any mods reading this??? Its time to represent us and be our voice.

Does Amazon have a real market research department??? Before I came on the Amazon I had a career in market research you may want to conduct research among a representative sample of your sellers, both on the pro seller plan and not, new and old timers (like us) to understand what we need and don’t need. Additionally, possibly consider webpage and seller phone app usability test to gauge among established sellers.

And to be honest I don’t know what that you do with those seller polls with your silly questions but I haven’t seen any changes because them.


If they want to improve something, then work on the box contents process for FBA shipments. That process is awful. I swear whoever makes all these decisions has either never sold on Amazon, or is thinking “Let’s find the parts of the website that already work well and mess them up”.


Will the caselog widget or the inventory performance widget be making a comeback? I found those very useful.

Edit: the feedback widget was also very useful.

I don’t like having to dig for this stuff. Especially when it was easier to use beforehand.


Has Amazon never heard the expression, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”?
I’m so tired of their so-called improvements that are actually detriments to the seller experience.


of course they will not. they were useful tools, and those don’t belong on seller central anymore.


“If it’s broke, don’t fix it”
“If it’s working, break it”


The big issue I have with the new top bar number is it is not accurate for the US site. The old Payment Summary total included Invoiced/Deferred transactions and the new top bar widget does not so for the US site each provides a different total.

Once that issue is addressed it will be a very nice improvement to have one total that includes all marketplaces.


They have removed the Payments Summary, the IPI score, the Feedback received, the Case Log - We now have to search all over the site to find things we need to be able to see at a glance.


I sure would like to have a widget that listed my most recent feedback


It wasn’t broken, so . . .

How about working on something useful, like getting removal orders shipped? I’m waiting 3 months for mine . . .


This is NOT cool. I have intentionally removed as many other panels as I can and left the Payments Summary and Sales Summary widgets on the page since they are the most important at-a-glance bits of info. I would like to see the top panels removed or dismissible because, like others have noted, I have to scroll past those every time I want to see the Payments & Sales Summary.

Can’t Amazon gather statistics of what widgets people have put toward the top and viewed the most? This could guide their focus and help them know what to leave alone and what could be improved.

Providing sellers with the ability to show or hide widgets would be best. Add stuff to other menu items if you want (it’s already hard enough to find the right page for info) but please make the home page useful to sellers based on feedback from sellers!


DO what we need ( Seller Support that really cares about SELLERS ) Dont fix what is not broken !


omg i was joking that “haha they’ll remove orders soon!” and now I got this new widget:


I swear, if they take away my 7/15/30 day view I will cry.


ask us first please…


Brace yourself…the “SNAP SHOT” view will soon be GONE!!!


Ridiculous Change. This change Obviously was not done by anyone who actually sells products and makes money for Amazon. PUT IT BACK! SHEER LUNACY!