Seller Central Payments Summary Widget Removal


I could not agree more!


How about getting rid of all of the “info boxes” that were added during Covid and completely clog up the homepage? It drives me crazy having to scroll past them 20 times a day.


Just got a sneak peak of Seller Central 2025 - two boxes ONLY!
NEWS & Add items to FBA (Love the news stories :rofl:)


Don’t forget folks, we all should have a feedback button on the bottom of our Seller Central page. Let your voice be heard!


Don’t remove it, make it optional and we decide how our DASHBOARD looks, we all need it and it helps us on daily basis, besides we never complained about it. not cool at all.


This is NOT an improvement. Quit calling these horrid changes improvements. They are crap that does NOT help sellers. And if anyone at Amazon were to pay attention in the forum, you would see that the majority of sellers intensely dislike any of this new junk, new widgets, new bars. The old system worked quite well and took up less time finding what we actually wanted to see…



I agree with they never send a survey asking us how they can improve our life on amazon


Amazon will remove the Sales Summary widget next.
It will be replaced with the weather in Mumbai.

Changed the Dashboard Again-PLEASE STOP!

Hey Amazon!! Are you seeing all the seller’s replies (including mine) that absolutely do NOT like this change?? If so, WHY do you continue to make changes without asking sellers if they would like it? I know one of your reps has to see this thread at some point, but you keep on keeping on disregarding the needs of sellers. Why even have the polls then? My answers apparently mean nothing to you if they’re even read by human beings.


While my Payment Summary is still there I went in to the 3 dots at top and rated it #5 and also put in "If you need more space on this page remove the advertisements for “global listing and FBA” Hopefully a lot of seller will at least put in that it’s important.


I agree that it make no sense to remove payment summary. Why not let us be able to customize the page. Add remove what we want.


Noticed this a few weeks ago when I went to look up some past information. Why can’t they leave stuff alone. Instead of paying people to change seller central they should be figuring out how to received stuff faster at the warehouses… in my opinion.


There is no harm, extra cost, or extra labor in offering both options in order to accommodate the different ways that different Sellers use this information. :woman_shrugging:

SELLERS–if this change affects you, then rate the widget:


Exactly and those are not removable or moveable and take up half the page. If Amazon is so keen on having them on the main page allow them to be moved like some of the other widgets or fix them at the bottom of the page. Why call it seller central with all the Amazon service ads, polls, and suggestions at the top? This is Amazon Amazon central not Amazon Seller Central. LOL.


Well it is amazon and they have you as a captive audience for the advertisements. So while all these changes that make us all crazy and make it harder for us to do business and really cost amazon nothing to leave things as it was… Well none of those things we want allow them to force more advertising on us.


I’ve been doing this sort of thing for a while now, whenever I think of it as I go through the page I will rate down the useless advertising boxes and say which boxes I like and like where they are. Unfortunately since then they have taken away the Inventory Management widget, the old forum widget and now are apparently taking away the payment widget. I’m starting to feel like they are doing the opposite of what people ask for.


Why don’t you make the widget optional? Or have some place where we can configure what we find useful for our own personalized dashboards? The payment summary widget is very useful for seeing at a glance my cash flow and how much of what Amazon currently owes me are invoiced orders. I understand the information will still be available if I memorize some street fighter move like up, up, left, mouse click. But why should this information be buried? And if the reason is the system is changing and it’s difficult for the widget to reliably get the data, then just say that’s the reason. Not that you are trying to make my life easier.


Sounds like Amazon, in their boundless selfishness, has decided to remove a widget we all love and use so they can have more space to advertise services that we don’t want.


:flushed: I mean…I guess I should not be surprised but…


I don’t think anyone reads it, but I have filled that out multiple times. Everyone should keep bombarding them with feedback and MAYBE someone will listen