Seller Central Payments Summary Widget Removal


If you really want to improve the page please get rid of the “Explore FBA” and “List Globally” widgets.


Yes, but this is change for the sake of change. Nothing new or helpful is being introduced.

I think it is a given that people are upset about this and more, but this post is specifically about the layout change. There are thousands of posts and replies about everything you mentioned. This isn’t the place to complain about that.

Again, this is a post about that, so on this post that is what you will find.


Yes, people hate change, but this (among many other cosmetic) change does not do anything of value or fix anything. It was some fresh out of college person that said, “Wow we need this to look hip and cool and fresh.”


Everything you mentioned I Agreed with yet off topic so it may be disappeared.
And even tho’ the clicks are the same the taste in mouth is bad for me, IMO.
ETA: On the bright side, they did announce it before it happened unlike stuffing delivery times.


Dear Amazon, you won’t let us remove the widgets we couldn’t care less about, but you DO remove the ones we care the most about. Why don’t you ask your sellers - you know, the actual users - BEFORE you make such changes? STOP YOUR HABITUAL PATTERN OF FIXING WHAT ISN’T BROKEN. Don’t you have far more pressing issues to tend to? Answer: yes. A thousand times yes.


“…as we make improvements to the page.”

What improvements? All of the changes Amazon has made to the Seller Central page this year have been detrimental to sellers and business. Will Amazon EVER ask sellers what we need to improve our business? Will programmers continue to blindly fumble around haphazardly deleting information and adding widgets we do not need (and dont want to see)? Ask us!!! We’ll tell you what we need and EVERYONE’S business (sellers and Amazon) will improve.


Lookup the video by “The Onion” called “Apple Introduces Revolutionary New Laptop With No Keyboard”

LOL stop messing with the design, it was fine not it’s not.


I note that currently (11:30am eastern) the top placed widget is not synced with the normal Payment Summary Balance amounts as I’m processing orders (the regular Summary Balance is ticking up and the widget is not), which makes me think that we will all be complaining about how slow Amazon is to give us our money when all we have is the widget to go by.


This is one of very few widgets I actually use. When you will you provide the option for us to remove the widgets that we don’t use?


I don’t know how this can be made any clearer to you @SEAmod, we want a way to turn off these large box widgets in seller central. They’re disruptive and annoying.


The Advertising Invoice History tab is broken for me (infinite page load time … it’s not stalled, since the page height is constantly adjusting for the current content, it just never completes the load).

This does make a couple more steps for me to see where they are overcharging us for items they moved out of the categories we placed them in. Perhaps not unintentional.

If I wanted prettier but more dysfunctional, I’d get a new girlfriend. Even if this is an improvement (and that’s fairly arguable), I can’t believe that this is where Amazon is focusing their energies right now.


Please rename that KPI bar to KPII now so that it stands for the REAL purpose –

Keeping People ILL INFORMED

I understand that AMAZON doesn’t give a rats rear about money, but the REAL world people that sell on here DO care and want to be able to actually SEE their cash standing!

Total Left Coast insanity.


The two main issues we have with the recent changes are:

  1. How hard it is to get back to customer emails. While we understand that some sellers are selling in multiple countries, the BETTER way to handle this would be to allow customization of the widgets, rather than forcing everyone into a single solution!

  2. Hiding the case log, and making it so hard to contact seller support. Again, we understand that having loads of agents available to answer inane questions is expensive, and sellers should try to go through the help files before reaching out. Unfortunately, the platform is getting so wanky with continual changes that we almost have to contact seller support for things like the numerous product page issues, feedbacks, pricing issues, untruthful buyers, etc. Any GOOD Product Manager would tell you to fix the root cause, rather than continual applying bandaids and minor changes to avoid seller contact.


I HATE HATE HATE HATE all the “improvements” Amazon keeps making to seller central. I don’t get what they are trying to accomplish! They used to have all the useful information on the main screen, now it’s mostly wasted white space and a bunch of annoying widgets at the top that mostly serve no useful purpose. For example, the restock widget. WTF! The old link was useful, I could click it and then see a list of everything I should restock vs now where I have to cycle through each item one by one. I don’t understand why they can’t either allow us to choose which layout we want, or at the very least all us to customize which widgets are shown and where they are located. AFAIK Customer messages is impossible to find now without using the search box. Case logs are difficult to find now too, and so is feedback! Having to click through various links to find something that used to be shown right on the front page with zero clicks is quite frustrating. There is literally NOTHING that they have changed with this new design that is better than the old one.


I really like the new page BUT BUT BUT the original widget on the home page is VERY IMPORTANT AND SERVES AN IMPORTANT FUNCTION - it gives a quick daily snapshot without having to go dig around in menus. PLEASE DO NOT REMOVE IT


exactly!!! there are dozens of real problems that we would love to have fixed to make seller central better. All they have done is remove the good parts that nobody was complaining about and make them less useful.


What you don’t like a big empty screen with no information on it and then having to click through secret menus to get to the information you want that used to fill that white space?


The seller central MAIN PAGE used to have everything a seller need to know about their account in once glance.

It’s becoming more like SELLER LOBBY than Seller Central.
Where you can access different areas from one location.

However, it’s definitely NOT an improvement nor has the last few years of changes been an improvement.

Why doesn’t the notification tell us the reasons why Amazon thinks it’s better.
I’m dying to read those bullet points.


This is the wrong thing to do as I am sure that most of us view our payments summary many multiple times a day. It should take no extra effort other than just looking on the Seller Central home page to see it.


By constantly changing things around, some employees get to show how “valuable” they are to their employer. Regardless if said change improved on business or not.