Seller Central Payments Summary Widget Removal


The Payments Summary widget from Seller Central will no longer be available as we make improvements to the page. This will not have an impact on your account.

Your total payment balance across all account groups in each country will now be available in the Key Performance Indicator (KPI) Bar at the top of the page, alongside metrics such as open orders and buy-box wins.

You can continue to reach Payments Summary page from Seller Central by following the steps below:

  1. Click on Total Balance in a country displayed in the KPI Bar dropdown.
  2. Choose Payments under the Reports tab in the top Navigation Bar.

Get a single report for all account types with Unified Financial Report

Why is this change being made?

This is not an improvement. Seeing the last payment provides information I need to manage cash flow is just as important as my current payment balance.

Could you please put the last payment information in the drop down under payment balance in the KPI bar? That way it is always readily available, and you still get the freed up space from removing the widget.

It would be appreciated if Amazon would ask sellers what is the most important information they need in seller central. Anything that streamlines business management leaves more time for profit-making activities, so we really do care what is shown in seller central.


There’s sooooo many things that Amazon should be focusing on fixing for the sellers, instead they are ruining the few things that are working. Leave the Payment Summary where it is! Now we’ll have to dig to find it while the seller central is filled with stuff that we don’t need.


Why are you removing the tools that we actually use?
Leave it where it is!


I agree. Please leave the ONE Widget that we find most useful. On the other hand, there are plenty of widgets that are just annoying / use up screen space that we would love to get rid of. Why not give us that choice.


Will there be an option to keep the widget?


this is nuts. What’s next, removing orders?

We’ve already lost the one-stop-shop access to our inventory aging/IPI, to feedback changes, and now payments.

Instead I get daily top tile reminders to sell globally (no, shan’t), or to the 4 things amazon wants me to sell cheaper (also, no), and have to scroll past news to get to anything important. Soon, there won’t be anything left on the first page…


Another improvement that isn’t an improvement. Wy not give sellers the ability to customize the seller central page? Half of the stuff there is, in my opinon, duplicates and I would gladly see it go. The Payments Summary is something I look at and use almost daily.


Why are you removing something that we use all the time? Leave it alone!

Seller Central is getting less user-friendly by the day. Why?


I try to have an open mind about Amazon. I try to see the good side of “improvements”.
I was going to finally compliment programmers for fixing the IE issue with Amazon, kind of fixed but much better than it was, since the programmers seem to hate IE.
Now one of the more functional displays is going away. Why?
Is this so more Big Box ads can be displayed?
I noticed that I could not vote on them yesterday, too many one stars?
Everything that gets “improved” takes more time and is less functional, why?
I do not imagine that Amazon will change back and leave functional displays to function, so I will have to HOPE that this time it has at least been Beta tested instead of live testing as usual.
I also hope this is not another fix something until you break it “improvement”.


Why don’t you ask SELLERS what they want to see on their home screen? Wouldn’t that make a TON of sense since we are the ones having to USE the space? We don’t WANT those stupid boxes littering up the top of the page! Why can’t anyone at Amazon get that through their heads?


Yeah, besides that KPI bar doesn’t fit in one row on my monitor, your “improvement” really does nothing except exasperates the issue I have with the bar in general. Maybe instead of “cleaning up” the home page, you actually fix things. @SEAmod not that you can do anything about this, but clearly whatever Amazon thinks looks “cool and hip” isn’t. Quit “fixing” things that aren’t broken and maybe fix the things that are.


Leave it where it is. Sellers should have a vote on this.


Everybody hates change.

The catalog is increasingly trashed, (and increasingly impossible to fix) FBM delivery dates have been artificially increased to make the over-burdened FBA offers look better, the search engines are fighting with Amazon again and traffic is down, (although ACOS is way up) FBA receiving is glacial and half-broken, and cheaters generally have free rein over the platform. (with everyone else paying the bot price)

But the thing that really bugs everyone is the new seller poll and some cosmetic changes to the home page. :man_facepalming:


So, we’re gradually removing all of the useful information from the home screen, that’s the plan? Removing the IPI was already ridiculous given how heavily it is relied on for our account health. Now the screen is just a big mess of information rather than a summary of the most important items.

How about spending more time on fixing your algorithms for all these crazy pricing errors instead?!


Maybe we should just have a blank page with nothing but polls asking if we feel Amazon acknowledges us when we delight customers.

Then hide everything we actually need and use in other places. I can not think of one so called improvement to this page that has made my usage of it easier. However, since they came out a few weeks ago and turned the payments summary into a useless picture I couldn’t care less where you decide to hide it. I already now have to click through about 15 pages to find what i found in two clicks before.


More great changes…


Here’s something constructive Amazon could do… have 50% less programmers and 50% more receiving staff at SMF3.


I guess, people are averse to change. However, if you read the directions, you will see that the payments summary IS going to be available on the same page as before, just up in the top KPI bar. Click on the dropdown for the country and you will get the same report as you are used. This is total of 2 clicks, same as before.
That being said, the widgets at the top feel like advertising banners - not cool at all.


Acres of white space on the home page, and removing one of the key parts of the page is going to improve it how?