Seller Central down?


Seller Central down?


Yes. Guess they want us to camp out on the forum.

Odd time to go down!


Back up in AL




Yes, down here too.


Down here too


And we’re back.


Hello from Amazon Seller Support,

Seller Central should be back up everywhere now. We’re sorry for any inconvenience.



Down again for me…


Down in the Midwest… Break time!


Down again now?




orders, but cannot print or buy postage…nice


Down for me


It’s loading very slow for me. It’s not timing out though.


In the Midwest and it’s spotty for me.


Still down here in PA and I am getting ready to pack up my FBA shipments for the day and am unable to…Help!


Down? Reeaalllly slow. Keeps timing out.



Greetings Sellers,

We are currently experiencing some intermittent errors with Seller Central. Engineers are currently aware of this issue, and are working on getting this fixed.



So you want us to ship our packages in a timely matter but I haven’t been able to for hours now. I got two to ship finally. I even tried pulling orders in via and no luck there.

Hard to maintain that fast shipping when Amazon fails us. Okay venting done now. Any idea when they will have it working?

In Oregon here.

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