Seller asking to contact them before ordering?


I was checking my competition’s pricing today to make sure I was in line with the market. Came across 2 just launched sellers undercutting everyone by almost 50%. They state in their listing to contact them before ordering. So…I did. Their email came back through amazon as undeliverable. Seems shady to me. Anyone have any experience with this before? I’ve attached a pic.


I am going to take a stab at this. I have seen it on Reddit where people were asking for help about scams. As a seller I was trying to help one original poster on the scams section. They try to get you to contact them and come up with some story about fees, and try to convince you to send them X amount of money through western union. Hate to say it but amazon has a reliable reputation and many people do not realize what 3P sellers are or believe they are working for amazon. The person I was trying to help on reddit said the person claimed to be an amazon employee and can offer a lower price through western union. They fell for it and the seller was gone a few days later and the person was out $400.00. This is one of the reasons why a lot of sony products got restricted and camera companies. Used camera gear sells very well online and is still expensive. Looks like these scam artist just moved from camera gear to other high dollar items. Needless to say I talked to the person on reddit for sometime and does not look like she will be shopping on here anymore. Like a lot of people I really wish amazon cleaned up these scam artist, bootleggers, overseas counterfeiters that list 10K items as just launched sellers. Here is a discussion about the issue from a buyers point of view.


Wow, I hope Amazon takes those down!


Actually, they say in their “seller name” to contact them, not in their listing. Unbelievable
> Seems shady to me.
To say the least. I sure wouldn’t email them because they may just be fishing for email addresses and trying to tap into suckers who have never heard the saying - if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. This part is also nice -
Used - Like New
IMPORTANT* Brand NEW*FREE Shipping**Amazon won’t allow me to list as new but this is a BRAND NEW

Also, I notice how their condition description screams ‘free shipping’, but their price is

  • $10.19 shipping


What are you talking about? Amazon Warehouse Deals has its own listing, for $400 more than the noob.

…and ZAP! Now it’s gone.

Too bad all such blatant violators aren’t so speedily removed.


I couldn’t believe it! Gone just a few hours after this thread started. It does seem (I hope I don’t jinx it by saying this) that Amazon may be actually starting to pay the teeniest, tiniest bit of attention and starting to actually take action against violators. Fingers crossed.


As of right now, no such thing is visible when I look at it. The top link is for AWD at $855.62, with 83% positive over the past 12 months. (2,979,579 total ratings). No Just Launched seller anywhere on the first page.


Oh wait, now they’re back again, on both the copter + extra battery, and just copter tabs.

Although, earlier, there were 2 sellers in violation, one from PA and one from CA. Now, it’s only the seller named - Please contact our agent priot to buy~!

Wait, I’m getting confused. If I click the ‘Quadcopter Only’ button, I see the violator’s listing at the very top, priced at $450.

If I click on ‘With Additional Battery’, they’re not there. But if I click on ‘Lowest offer for each’, they’re there twice - once with the $450 offer for the copter only, and once with a $465 offer for the copter with additional battery. If I click ‘See All Offers’ next to their price for the copter + additional battery, it shows me all offers, and their offer isn’t there.

Really weird.


I’ve seen this before with high value items offered for prices that are too good to be true. The seller will convince the eager buyer to move the transaction off Amazon and ultimately disappear with the money.


Amazon needs to suspend that account ASAP.


It is a violation to put contact information in title. Report them. I have done this and Amazon fied it right away.


Wow… And now it’s showing the AWD logo as their storefront. I wonder how many people are going to buy it thinking it is actually sold by Amazon. They need to be taken down ASAP.


If you had clicked on the top Amazon Warehouse Deals listings (the one that said “Just Launched” underneath it), you’d see that it linked to some other seller’s storefront. They just stole the AWD Logo to fool people.


One data point does not a trend make.


Your wish has been granted. Poof they’re gone!

Now if they could get rid of the counterfeiters just as quickly life would be good on Amazon.

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