Seller account verification


I am from India, want to source in the US market, so I have recently created a seller account however, my seller account have been suspended and deactivated for some reason to which I was not specified. I have provided all the document relating to the account information which were all valid and legal under my name, but still I am not getting verified after a continual submission of the documents.
If there is anyone who have faced the same issue I would appreciate if you could share me what I should do next, or how do I resolve the issue to reinstate my account?


My conclusion is to wait patiently.


I have the same problem. I keep getting the same automated message say they couldn’t verify my documents because its unclear and they can’t verify a valid credit card on file. Its so frustrating. I’ve even sent all original documents 5 times.


I am getting the same issue. Now, I am questioning If I have setup my accounts wrong.

First, I made an Australian seller account and then I created an American seller account and linked them together in seller central. My American account is now suspended with similar explanations listed in this forum topic.

I have seen a message in Amazon seller central support that says ‘Operating and maintaining multiple seller accounts is prohibited.’ Is this why my American account was suspended?


I’m having the same issue too but now I received a message stating they may no longer respond to my request to Activate my Account. I’ve left a call back number every time with no calls from them…frustrating.


Your Amazon selling account remains deactivated. Your listings have been removed. Funds will not be transferred to you and may be held for 90 days or longer. Please ship any open orders to avoid further impact to your account.

Why is this happening?
This decision was made after reviewing both your account and the information provided.

We may not respond to further emails about this issue.


were you able to fix that issue?, I am having the same issue