Sell This Item Button Gone


Anyone else notice that the Sell This Item button on everything listing page is gone? It was there yesterday, gone today. Which means I now have to copy the ASIN number and then search that in Seller Central under Add A Product to find the product and then get to the offer creation page, whereas before I could access the offer page from almost any listing page.

Also there’s still that annoying bug on the offer creation page where if you add more than two photos any photo between the first and last disappears and just leaves a grey upload box. Causing me to have to publish the offer then come back a couple minutes later and reupload those missing photos to get them to stick.

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I haven’t seen it on everything, but it is gone on many of them. I can also list on my phone. It’s the product detail pages where they are missing.

it is aggravating.


It’s pretty much gone on all the product pages in the category I typically list in, and I went through things I’ve bought lately in other categories and its gone on a large portion of those as well. So it’s not 100% across the board but appears to be affecting a lot of categories of products.


Books seem to be affected. Been selling there forever. I sent email asking if gated but I hope it’s just a glitch.


Thanks for the post. I am having the same problem. Your info on how to list without the seller button save me time; did not have to figure it out myself.


Sometimes when I read posts like this I feel like I’m missing part of the story. I usually just use the camera function on my tablets amazon app to snap a pic of the ISBN number and up pops the listing and a query of if I want to sell this product.


It hasn’t been gated. You can still list on your phone or by using “add a product” under your inventory tab - or, in the way J S Stuff just mentioned with a tablet and an image.

I hope your email makes them recognize they have a glitch. However, there are so many glitches right now, it’s hard to do business at all. I wonder if some of the 100,000 new employees have been allowed to run amuck.


I thought for a while the glitch had been fixed today. I had 5 books in a row that had the “sell yours” button. Then, with the 6th book, no button.


I am experiencing the same problem on my Android device. OnePlus 7 Pro. the sell it now is completely disappeared on the mobile app using either chrome or Firefox. It’s also completely disappeared as of yesterday on the Amazon shopping app, which I had been using due to it appearing to be a bit faster and you could also put it in enhanced mode to use pictures change delivery time and so on.

Extremely frustrating. The only way I’ve been able to post is using the browser, I usually use Firefox. I have to put it in desktop mode, then they sell yours button appears. Click that, then take it out of desktop which then it takes you right back to the original listing page that you’re normally used to seeing on the browser.

I did find another Amazon app called Amazon Price Tracker. The sell it now option is still on there. Works very similar, basically the same as your normal browser.

This has been reported to Amazon? Anybody have any idea when this might be fixed? I thought it was just me and my OnePlus device being weird.

**Actually on my phone, when I pull up the Seller Central app, The forum box is screwed up as well. it’ll show you the top two suggested or popular or topics but that’s it. You can’t click anything else but those two topics. You can’t even enter the forum through the widget on the seller app. At least on my phone. It’s literally a big square box with two headlines of two topics and that’s it.


It was reported, they asked for an error page screenshot. It was explained there was no error page, and re-explained what happened. A terse email that I was not allowed to sell that category and they were not accepting applications to open it up (or something like that) came back. Basically they just wanted to close the case, never bothered to read or try to understand the problem, and the CSR can say “another problem taken care of”. A friend had the same problem and switched to Firefox and cleared the cache and was able to list.


I’m on Firefox. The problem is still here. It comes and goes at different times of the day, seemingly. I’m sure you explained that listings are still possible on the phone app and under “add a product”, just not on the product detail page. It’s maddening.

I’m getting the same kinds of useless responses with other problems. SOP.


Ironically the Have one to sell? link (not button) is back at the top of the offer page (right next to the Return to product information link) that shows all sellers offers, that had disappeared months ago. But you can only access that if someone else is selling the item (which I’m running into quite a few where there are no other sellers).

I thought about opening a case but tech support on any major website anymore seems to be more of a waste of time than trying to find a work around and dealing with it. Sooner or later they’ll make some other change and it will start working again, that is after a long enough time has passed and you get used to it… would like them to fix the picture issue though, I get tired of having to edit every new listing and re-upload the 2nd of 3 pics to get it to show up.


OP, I use a desktop computer (JUST can’t and will not use a cell phone to list) and I noticed the SELL button is missing on the main product page.


On the Bay (which I appreciate more and more) there’s a “sell one like it” (Sell one) and I can just click that button and go. Not with AMZ, they don’t want anyone but the sponsored and Prime sellers to sell the items. Some of those items are "not currently available". You would think that they would have a “sell button” for thoseitems that are not currently available.


10-20% of books. Opened a case and they just give you the runaround. They say refresh the browser. Of offer other way to list, all too time consuming. They have to idea how to report it to the back-end folks in programming that are capable of fixing it. Been listing with my phone when it doesn’t work, but unreliable.


Well looks like they finally fixed the image issue I was having, at least that’s something.


I think you will find it’s not missing on everything, just on most things. Also, the “have one to sell” link on the used listing page is back (was missing for several months). You can also go to the “add a product” link on the drop-down menu under the inventory tab on your Seller Central Page.

The “sell yours” link seems to come and go - different every day.


I didn’t read all the other messages in this thread:
I found the same issue today when listing a book that already had a catalog page.
I copied the ASIN number … and then back to Inventory page … clicked on Add Product… pasted the ASIN number in … and it took me right where I needed to go to list the book.

Best of luck,

This is starting to get really old

Call me paranoid, but I have wondered for years if Amazon would eventually do this (prevent us listing) - maybe to minimize an overwhelming number of offerings to buyers. Or to push sellers over to the phone app? I bet we somehow agreed to it in the contract. It’s a good hack to go through “Add a Product.” But if I’m right, even that will be censored eventually.


Amazon is not preventing you from listing.

This is not a hack, this is how Amazon wants it done. This is how seller university and the help files instruct you to add listings.