Search Terms Title, Bullets, Description


I am slightly confused on the Search Terms box.
Since the limit is 250 Characters, I put some keywords in the Title, some in the Bullets, some in Product description and balance in SEARCH TERMS box. Am I doing this correctly.

I read two different articles on Seller FOrum. One said that no need to repeat the ketwords in the Title but does not work for Description and Bullets. One article, said that KEywords can be in Title, Bullets, Product Descriptions and Search Terms and that way we can get maximum keywords in.

Can someone please clarify.



Un-related, I believe Amazon is working hard to Read your listing wtith it’s algorithm. Someone clarified this once in public, they want you to write your title and description natural.


But my question was that can we spread out the keywords between TITLE, BULLETS, DESCRIPTION and SEARCH TERM box?