Search Terms More than 250 Bytes?


I have a question about Amazon Search Terms. I’m making modifications to my search terms, however when adding keywords to the search term field its allowed me to input more than 250 bytes. I am not getting a warning message and can save my listing without trouble.

My question is, are only the first 250 bytes going to be indexed while all the words “bytes” after wont be? Or will everything be indexed?


Amazon maintains that anything over 249 bytes will not be - in it’s entirety - but you might have found a loophole (probably, methinks, of a Category-specific nature) that has not yet been closed, two years after the 2Aug`18 Search Conformity Initiative went into effect.

I still wouldn’t chance it.


Or he/she found a trap to fall into.


A fair point indeed, which I was reluctant to mention in these publicly-visible fora - but with the cat out of the bag, I’ll go ahead & say it:

Amazon has certainly been known to use the ‘honeypot’ concept a time or four.


Or has failed perform all the required steps in preventing violation of their policy. It does somewhat better on bot enforcement.

Remember that indexing the listing is not done in real time, is queued for later processing and may take days until it happens. I have doubts whether the indexing is category specific, but stranger things have happened.


I strongly suspect that it actually is, in practice, category-specific - that supposition is one of the 4 primary reasons why I so often rail against the ill-favored results arising from the unintended consequences of devotion to the Silo Management Administrative Model.