Scam alert on macpro


I was not home to get the package. i tried to go saturday but usps was closed.
I had to take off from work half a day to go to usps in the morning.
I didn’t want to refund him until i was sure the macpro was still in right conditions.

Any advice on how i could convince him to return the macpro or cancel the refund?


You had a good chance on fighting this. I’ve heard of seller with simliar story as yours - buyer return different item and claim refund. In this case, depending on your seller performance, Amazon would typically refund the buyer out of their own pocket. But since you did not respond to the claim, you’ve just forfeited your fight. You should have given us all the details when you first posted.

Make sure you report this to Amazon so they have this on the buyer’s record. I wouldn’t be surprise if this buyer will try or have done this in the past.


The OP already lost the AZ claim, read the end of the thread.


Too much drama. All you need to do is not refund them. They may try to file an AZ claim or chargeback. At that point, defend your case with the fact that they never returned it to you and instead returned a pot of acrylic. Show your evidence if you have any. It should be a slam dunk.


Wow. So, this is why it’s important to respond to AZ claims in a timely fashion. You have little recourse, except with the local police.


Yeah, I got there a few minutes later.


You are starting to not make any sense. You said you received the package back but it had a can of paint or something in the box. Then you said you lost the AZ claim because you didn’t have the package back and wanted to make sure what was in it before you refunded?

So what seems to make sense is that the customer asked to return the item. You probably for some reason said no. Then the customer opened an AZ claim because you refused to offer the customer a return for their product. But you didn’t defend against the AZ claim because you were waiting for the product to come back to you. Then you did receive the product back but it wasn’t the correct product. And now it is too late to defend the claim.

Is that about correct?

If so, then you are out your product, will likely be suspended soon, and deserve every bit of it. You made so many mistakes in this transaction it is not funny and sellers like you only hurt the rest of us that are trying to operate legitimate businesses.

A customer can return an item within the return period for any reason. If you deny that then you deserve to lose the impending AZ claim.

Once the claim was filed the customer does not have an obligation to send the item back until you represent your side and Amazon requires them to send the item back.

You see, this is what happens when you try to avoid telling the truth and taking responsibility for your actions because you don’t want to make yourself look bad. If you had said in the beginning that you refused a return and the customer opened an AZ claim you would have gotten much different advice that possibly could have saved you from losing the money and the item. But your pride, ego, or whatever it is that prevented you from coming forward with what really happened has ultimately cost you a lot of money. I guess you can at least be thankful that the item was a gift and did not cost you anything so you are not actually out of pocket much money just lost the goods with no compensation.

Maybe you should reconsider your morals and ethics and try to make wiser decisions in the future. Lying or avoiding the truth almost always ends badly.


This is a very valid point.


Thanks for your replies guys.

Just as a reminder, i didn’t get the opportunity to go to usps before saturday, but they closed at 1pm and closed on sunday. so my only shot was yesterday morning, which i did, but it was after the 7days a-to-z thing.
And, sounds like i miss understood that part, but i didn’t want to reply to the a-to-z guarantee before i could make sure the MacPro was in the same conditions(used-like new).
This is my first time selling on amazon, and it was confusing to me that i could actually reply to him and not refund him right away.

So sounds like the best i could do was send an email to seller-guarantee at with all the evidences.
I’ll also call VISA and let them know than i’m a victim of a scam and ask them to freeze my account and provide them with the evidences.
I’ll let the buyer know that i did report a scam to VISA and i’m going in court against him if he don’t cancel his request today.

I think that’s the best i could do.
As an amazon buyer, i do understand their a-to-z guarantee, but their email was confusing since i understood that replying to the buyer was actually taking a decision.

I was willing to reimburse the buyer if the macpro was in the right conditions, but was not if it wasn’t. That mail forced me to take a decision without looking at the product.

This is silly.


First, I worked my ass off at this contest! Also that money is supposed to go to help my family.
There is no good point here.


You are COMPLETELY wrong.
Let me try to explain the all thing back to you:

  • 01/12/2015 11.55am the buyer receive the item and sign for it. - i get proof of delivery from ups - The all thing is 15.70lbs
  • 01/12/2015 2.26pm the buyer send me a mail through amazon market place saying: “I called and they told me this is not under warranty!” which confirm that he got it.
    “I sold it as used, so there is no commitment to it having a new warranty.
    Apple’s warranty IS transferrable, it goes with the serial number of the machine.”
  • 01/15/2015 9.08 am the buyer asks for my personal address to ship back the MacPro claiming that “Description on website was not accurate”
  • 01/15/2015 10.13 am I do send my address to the buyer for the shipment.
  • 01/19/2015 9.15 am i receive an email titled "A-to-z Guarantee Claim for Order 102-4873461-3637810” by amazon.
    Note: I decided not to respond to the refund until i’d be sure that the item was sealed and brand new, like i shipped it.
    -01/26/2015 i go to USPS to get the package. Worried that “Description on website was not accurate” didn’t match the his concern about the warranty, i decide to open the box AT USPS.
    I discover that the buyer tricked me and sent a pot of Acrylic paint color Saddle Brown
    I immediately take pictures of the all scene at USPS and call amazon to open a case.

Also, here is my ups tracking number: 1Z45R94VA897841887 and here is his where you can clearly see the weight is not the same: 9410803699300063945081 BUT also that i was only able to pick it up yesterday.

so tell me again, who is right and who is wrong?
Thanks for your help though.


No, they are about to do it…


no they didn’t do it yet.


wasn’t aware of that.
Will do thx.


yes i did, waiting to see what they’ll say.
I don’t have balance on my amazon account, they are planning to charge me back on my cc.


And that email gave you a deadline to represent your case. If you miss that deadline, you lose.

> Note: I decided not to respond to the refund until i’d be sure that the item was sealed and brand new, like i shipped it.

And you chose not to inform Amazon’s A-Z team that you were doing that, until after the deadline passed. “I have authorized a return, and will issue a refund upon receipt of the item” is an appropriate response to an A-Z claim. Silence is not.

> so tell me again, who is right and who is wrong?

You may well be right. You are also too late.

If you had submitted your software after the contest deadline had passed, and the judges had made their decisions, do you think you would have won a prize?



How is Visa going to help you? Amazon took money from balance.

He can’t close the request as he has already been refunded.


All I meant was you didn’t spend money on the item. I took contest to mean you won it in a raffle or something that didn’t require a lot of work. Sure your time is worth something.


>Our original claim notification e-mail was sent to you on January 19, 2015, and we did not receive a response from you until Jan 26, 2015. As such, we have debited your account for this transaction."

The above made me think its already happened

Do you have a balance on Amazon? or did they already disburse the amount to your bank account?


I really don’t think you can stop it. Do you have balance in you Amazon account? If you do they will just take it from there. If not they will take it from your credit card. Have you emailed them yet?