Scam alert on macpro


Hey guys,

I sold a macpro i won at a software engineering contest online. The macpro has been delivered, then the guy reached out to me to know about the warranty (i didn’t know anything about that, so just asked other winners: *** but then the buyer told me he called apple and the computer was not under warranty. He asked to return the item claiming: "description is not matching the item"
Fair enough, i gave him my address for him to ship it back even though i started to feel something was wrong.
I went to the USPS this morning and discovered that the guy shipped a pot of acrylic!!

Thankfully the guy was stupid enough to ship it back in the original box and the original ups ticket i got when the box was shipped to him.
We can clearly see that there is a 1lb difference!

I’m waiting for amazon to review the case, hope they’ll be smart enough not to give them back the money.

Here are the informations he provided:

be careful!

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Did you list it as new? If so, you may not get much help from Amazon and you violated listing policies. Anything sold as new on Amazon must come with the complete manufacturers warranty.

It is also against forum policy to post buyers personal information.


Call his local police and report it.


I did, no response. Which makes sens.
He did that, he did ship the package with 1lb extra because of his pot of paint, so i’m not expecting him to reply to my mails.


Couple of things:

You haven’t refunded him yet, correct?

You sold it as used, so there is no committment to it having a new warranty, the customer has no grounds there with Amazon

Apple’s warranty IS transferrable, it goes with the serial number of the machine, so unless this was a year old machine before it was given to you, then it has the remainder of Apple warranty on it. Apple’s warranty check at support dot apple dot com does NOT ask for the owner’s name, it takes the serial number only, and tells you how much factory warranty there is remaining.

If you haven’t already done so, I would email the customer

“As per Amazon policy, I am quite willing to refund your purchase upon return of the used MacPro machine serial (#) in original condition. I did receive a package containing one gallon of acrylic paint inside the MacPro cardboard box. I understand it is a busy time of year and the package may have gotten mixed up with another seller’s. I will await return of the MacPro Serial (#) and when it is received here in original like new condition with all accessories and parts, I will promptly refund as per Amazon policy. Please advise what you would like done with the Beautitone Acrylic paint, colour Emerald Mist, I can ship it back at your expense or I can dispose of it”

Of course you know that he didn’t mix it up with another purchase, and the email won’t do a darned thing. BUT it gets you on record with Amazon as completely conforming to their policies when it comes to A-Z. You are not out any money yet, only if you don’t successfully defend the A-Z. This will help a bit.


no, i listed as: “Condition: Used - Like New”
I didn’t get the option to sell is like new. Sounds like i was lucky on that one since it’s a new one.

I could remove it, but might be a fake name and fake address though.
Just wanna help other sellers not to get ripped off by the same guy.


good idea. i was thinking about filing something to FBI. local police might be faster… if those informations are correct, which i doubt.


While i just called the cops, i just realized that house number is different from the one i shipped it to. So not violating anything :wink:


He’s trying to get a refund, but he didn’t returned the macpro but a pot of paint!
I had no idea for the warranty, i shipped the macpro with all the informations he’d need to get the warranty (basically all the papers i got when i got the macpro)
As you can see on the twitter link, one other guy that sold the MacPro found out that there is a one year warranty.

But this is not the point, if he had returned the macpro, that’d be fair, i’d have then call the guys that i got it from and ask about the warranty then sold it again.
But here it’s someone that is trying to rip me off.

Cops are on their way to his place. Once i’ll get the proof that the macpro is at his place, i’ll provide that to amazon.
I should sue him


> be careful!

I don’t understand what you just said. You got the product back? Or you didn’t get it back?

Also on a side note I’m not sure if apple is doing this, but this was my experience:
Apple products that are not sold directly by Apple do not come with a warranty direct from apple. You have to go to the authorized retailer to administer the warranty.

Since you are not an authorized dealer on Amazon, your product is not covered under Apple.

I purchased a Apple Magsafe from Best Buy - it stopped working. I called Apple and let them know i purchased from Best Buy ( my mistake), they said I have to go direct to Best Buy to get the warranty. So I hung up, I called again but this time I said I got it from Apple Store - they sent me a replacement.

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You should contact him and let him know you didn’t receive the item.


Have you tried calling him?

Try to contact him once more. Let him know you did not receive the item. If no response is given within 24 hours, you will file a police report and report him to the Postal inspector or UPS/FEDEX Mail fraud investigator.

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Do not have his phone number. but cops should go at his place to check it out. I called USPS fraud inspectors, but they told me they can’t do anything, i should go through amazon.


Awesome! I did replied to him but this is more complete. thanks for your advices guys! thanks CanadaRam!


Because you neglected to reply to the claim which clearly stated you must respond within seven days, your only recourse is with the police or in court. I’m sorry to say this but you needed to deal with this within the confines of the rules. Had you responded to the claim, you would have had a better chance of having the claim denied. Amazon does not overturn claim decisions when the seller neglected to respond to the claim.


Not representing an A-Z claim in 7 days means you automatically lose. I wish you had mentioned that here and we would have told you to respond before it was too late.

You can try to appeal their decision, continue on with the police report, or try to convince the buyer to return to you.


This is crazy.
The buyer did claim the A-to-Z guarantee on the 19th. I was unable to get the package before yesterday morning at USPS.
They replied to me:
“[…]Our original claim notification e-mail was sent to you on January 19, 2015, and we did not receive a response from you until Jan 26, 2015. As such, we have debited your account for this transaction.”
“[…]At this time, it is too late for us to represent support for this claim, as it is closed. We will not be able to credit your account for the amount of the transaction. Please note that this is the final decision.”

“[…]You are welcome to contact the buyer directly to make return arrangements for this merchandise. While they are not obligated to return the order, they may be willing to do so if they are compensated for the return shipping costs. Please keep in mind that contact between parties must be courteous and limited to transaction details. Facilitating inappropriate or excessive contact is prohibited.”

This is crazy! I tried to send one last mail with all the evidences and i attached the tracking numbers.

Please guys any advice?


Well you can appeal the a-z decision with all your evidence and explain why you didn’t respond earlier. You can’t stop the refund (its already happened) but Amazon may decide to give you money out of their pocket. I rarely hear of anyone winning appeals so this is a long shot.

Only way I can think of getting him to return is present him with your plans to file a police report which might scare him. However it might fall on deaf ears.


He got it back yesterday/today but needed to respond by yesterday.

The one good thing about this situation is the Mac Pro was won in a contest, so the seller’s only out of pocket loss is the shipping.


Why didn’t you mention us the AZ claim?

Why didn’t you respond to the claim, telling Amazon that you are still waiting for the item to arrive?

Appeal the claim, but your chances are now fairly low. is where you should report such Internet fraud.