SBS falsely claiming "not as described"


Thanks, for the reply and that insight. I know it has not shipped.

Am guessing this “big” company is a drop-shipper too(don’t have anything against them, generally).
It’s just that the wording and manner of the return seem like the SBS style( and between the time you posted and this reply, SBS has asked Seller support to email us,…tells me, its possible they are related, and they seem to like this thread.



There are no reports of SBS dropshipping. I suspect it is a different company using similar templates.


I received an order from them and am canceled due to the overwhelming negative reviews and the high price of the Book.

They very well might be drop shipping and re selling it for a higher price which i am fine with, but due to the massive amount of negative reviews and scam warnings i am not going to take that chance.

They re ordered for the same book again, can i ban or block them from buying from me? and are there any repercussions for me as a newer seller for choosing not to ship to an address and recipient associated with so many scams and negative reviews.

Thanks for any and all input.


SBS are potential Book Pirates… the book they return may not be your book imho. I cancel every one of their orders.



this fraud seller misused more than 10,000pcs non-verified purchase fake five star reviews within one day!
crazy! I found he is misusing such fake reviews everyday! He misused some thousand such fake reviews and sold about 15 dollars,now he misused more than 10,000pcs such fake reviews and sold at 19.99!
Why does not Amazon take actions to stop his non-verified purchase fake reviews abuse?


Hi @HWY – Your ASIN is for earbuds. This sounds completely frustrating, but you’ll need to start your own thread because this one is for book orders and the return patterns of specific Buyers.

ETA: Nailed it, @HWY! :clap:

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Fraud seller misused more than 10,000 pcs non-verified purchase fake reviews


Okie dokie I’m glad that you have enough volume to be able to cancel their orders… I keep my prices high enough so I’m not a real attractive Target for most dropshippers unless they’re buying one of my expensive well photograph books and they found a way to scrape listings and probably offer them at some hideously ridiculous price…

What I don’t understand is why people or not reporting them as an abusive buyer so somebody goes ahead and takes a look at their track record…

And you probably need to have that go to an A to Z claim to have that happen but possibly that might shut them down…

Until they open up another account…

Or they have enough traffic and buy enough stuff that Amazon likes it… they are making money every time someone sells them a book…

Alternatively of you raised your prices — somewhere in the middle of the pack instead of chasing the bottom… You would take out the profit …they wouldn’t be buying from you… describe well, take some pictures and you can attract better dropshippers…

Selling --things cheap always attracts unwanted customers…


I’m done with those people. They are book buyers trying to buy cheap books and sell them for more hoping they can sell a good book for very good. They have done that to me more than once. I will just cancel their orders from now on.


There’s absolutely nothing wrong up to that point.

If the seller buys the book first, then sells it.

Bookjackers do it the other way 'round.


If you send with signature and include a packing slip you are unlikely to have a problem. They are a lousy company, but one must remember that only the people who have issues with them post on here. No one posts to say “Hey, SBS just ordered from us and everything went fine.”

bunga bunga!


Hey, SBS ordered an $8 book from me and no problems. One out of three. No return yet.


Some post things like this. I have found that people attack me for saying this and will call me a shill for the company.


Isn’t that what you are doing? I don’t understand why people get mad when they buy books for cheap then sell them at the price they want only to find out someone else bought it from you to sell it for more.


Yes, I was not clear. I meant other than in response to negative commentary or questions about them. No one starts a thread about how well it went.

bunga bunga!


The community veterans are very familiar with SBS

SBS (Southern Book Stores) is currently Chris’s Bargains (bad grammar for a book seller) and also Optimal Product Group. They have re-emerged under different accounts after Amazon swept seller accounts for counterfeits a couple years ago (AnyBook and Murphy Books).

Same old tricks. They have no inventory, but offer “new” books undercutting all legitimate sellers. When an order comes in, if they can’t find a new book somewhere in the InterWeb, then they buy lower grade books hoping it will arrive in new condition. When that doesn’t happen they make false claims so they get a free return.

When you see this, you need to mark the message box as “buyer trying to cheat me” or whatever the default is, so that these claims accumulate and they get delisted, although that takes aggressive pursuit by other sellers.

Take a restock charge from them and no return refund and note back to them the details above to rattle their cage. It took them about a year to get a seller account back after losing millions If they hit you with an A-Z, refer to the details above noting fraudulent use of automatic returns by the community. They’ve never tried an A-Z with me because I relate the information above back to them. Most of the time I cancel the order as undeliverable unless I don’t want the book anyway and confident it won’t come back.


Oh sure. Like any other reseller, they have no skin in the game but cheat the seller they bought from.

Customer didn’t like the book? Then you get told the book never arrived.


Another reason why I stopped selling books on amazon. People expect more than they ordered, they’re too picky, complain about the smallest things like a little scratch on the back. If I do I make sure it’s in perfect condition because you’ll end up with a bad review off the bat. selling books in my experience is high reward but high risk. It’s a double edge sword but you should contact support. Don’t email cause their email service is usually trash. I would make them call you. Good luck


Correct, they don’t appear to be dropshipping anymore, but shipping to Opa Locka for inspection before sending it to their customer. But if the customer complains, SBS will either claim it did not arrive or return it after several weeks if they get it back from their customer.

They have now set up “handling times” of 6 weeks and then, delivery of 2-3 weeks to try to fulfill their orders.


When you sell ‘new’ you take on that responsibility.

In this thread, SBS is an bad actor, i.e. ordering used books when fulfilling a ‘new’ book order, and then abusing the return system when the condition is not better than advertised.


they are scammers