Same product, different referral fees being charged


Hi, I have tried searching the forums but the question never seems to get answered so I’m giving it another go.

I have a product that sells for $6.99 and sometimes the referral fees are $1.05, other times they $0.56. Exactly the same product! Why is this?


Most categories on Amazon assess a 15% selling fee which would be $1.05 on a $6.99 product. There are some categories that only charge an 8% selling fee which comes out to $0.56. Either you are offering the same item under multiple SKU’s in multiple categories or the primary category for your item is changing. That’s the only reason I can think of as to why your selling fee for the identical item would change from 8% to 15%.


Thanks for the helpful response, I appreciate it.

We have 7 child ASIN’s under the parent, yet some of the child ASIN’s are indeed, in different main categories, but the same sub category, which is also very strange. However, there are instances of the exact same variation being charged a referral fee of $1.05, then $0.56, so it really isn’t constant. Another thing worth pointing out, and I am not sure if this is even relevant, but the item is in the small and light programme.

Certainly a strange one and an issue that I am finding hard to find a fix for. I want to change the category of the items too, so that they are all in the same ones, however, I cannot find the node ID in the guide for this particular product, which makes the whole process even stranger.