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We recently set up (hopefully correctly) to collect sales tax in NC. Amazon orders in the 4th quarter of last year, did charge the tax on the individual orders.

My question is (and the amazon help links are confusing), what does Amazon do with the tax money for NC it collected. From reading it looks like it is our responsibility to send in, but I am not seeing any payment to us for the taxes, either by order, monthly or quarterly.

Sorry, this is new to us…


1st question: Do you actually have any orders to NC so far this year?

2nd question: Has Amazon confirmed that you are set up for them to collect tax on those orders to NC?


We started fall of last year. Yes, we have had plenty of orders to NC. I can see on the individual order that Amazon is indeed collecting the sales tax.

Not sure if Amazon confirmed. Would that have come through email?


If you look at the order emails for an order from NC, you’ll see the tax collected and remitted to you in your biweekly payments. It doesn’t come in as a separate chunk of money. It just comes in with the bi-weekly disbursement.

And yes, we’re charging tax in NC and seeing the tax come through in the order emails.


Create a date range report. All taxes that are collected are in the taxes collected column. The taxes that amazon is submitting to the state directly is in the next column - Marketplace Facilitator Tax, as a negative number which will be exactly the same amount as the taxes collected number.


Thank you - I found an order from this past week and indeed it is remitted with each order. I guess I was looking for a separate line item on the bi-weekly pay out or a separate payment from Amazon directly. That answered my question. Can I ask a 2nd… Is there a place to download, say 4th quarters worth of NC orders, so I know what to send the state. I thought I had found it but it downloads in an unreadable format.


Do a date ranged transaction report limited to Q4 of 2018. Download it. It may be in .csv so just drag it into an open XL spreadsheet and just a-z sort it by the column field that has that data.


NC is not on the facilitator program

Amazon calculates and you pay.

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