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We are a UK registered business who will be sending inventory to Amazon USA. We will be selling on both Amazon US and also on our own website, which is why we want to take advantage of the Multi-channel fulfillment program (Amazon also fulfils orders that are placed on our website).

From our research, we understand that Amazon handles sales tax for us for orders that are placed on as inventory will be stored at their different locations, however, we are interested to know how sales tax will be dealt with for their Multi-channel fulfillment FBA program. Will Amazon handle sales tax for Multi-channel fulfillment orders that are placed on our website, or will we need to register for sales tax in every state and handle sales tax on our side?

Any help would be much appreciated


Amazon is does not handle any funds for MCF orders. They are only fulfilling the order. They have no idea if you charged the buyer anything.

Your website will need to be setup to collect sales tax if you are required to. It should not be in every state. Does your business have any locations in the USA?


Thanks for your quick reply and for the information. We do not have any locations in the USA. We are only planning on sending stock to Amazon fulfilment centres. Do you know if we are required to collect sales tax?

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