I am a new seller. I have my trusted supplier but I want to grow my assortment. What do you think about salehoo?

Thank you for any help and advise!

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Why not a trusted distributor for products you are interested in and with Net 30 Terms and LOA?
Or maybe it would be another trusted Distributor? With the ability to give authorization for selling on Amazon.


I just don’t know how to find them. A lot of suppliers don’t want to work with me because I own a small business


Their claims:


That ain’t no vintage razor, that’s a shavette. I was going to joke about it being made of Chinesium, but IMO Chinesium shavettes can be rather nice. This is plastic, and the image of the disposable double edge blade that’s installed is deliberately/impossibly Photoshopped in half - the way its pictured that blade will fall right out. Or it takes half-size blades. A good shavette like that will take regular DE’s for price/selection.

Something like that is more like $15 for a box full of disposable ones from beauty supply joints…


Plus, are you really gonna make any money after FBA fees on margins like that? Nope.

Even if their figures were accurate, those would both be items you ended up selling at a loss.

Make your own conclusion :wink:


Love the “You Could Earn” number with no selling fees taken out of any kind; no FBA, referral fee, closing fee, shipping, …


What can you lose. Its only $69/yr and you won’t renew?

Only what you fail to adequately research on your own. And your account if you use their dropship service and they can’t ship on time.



OK you got the point. Thanks for your answer