S there a report to get the in stock rate for FBA products?


I am trying to get the amount of time a product is in stock in a given time period. Is there any report that provides anything about a products availability in a given period?

For example i would like to know that a product was only in stock for 25% of the time in the last 30 days.

Does this have to be done manually by pulling the fulfillable inventory daily and storing if an item was in stock or not?


FBA Inventory Reports has a monthly historical report that I think might have the information you are looking for.




For anyone who is trying to do this i tired using _GET_FBA_FULFILLMENT_CURRENT_INVENTORY_DATA_ but the data is inaccurate, it considers reserved quantity that is unsellable as sellable quantity. This means that for days where no stock that was available to purchase but you had reserved quantity that is being transferred, this report marks that you have units available for sale.

I am probably going to try combining this with _GET_RESERVED_INVENTORY_DATA_ to get a breakdown of reserved units to see if this helps more accurately track daily availability.

Worse case i have to pull the FBA inventory daily and determine myself if the product is in stock my checking if there is any fulfillable quantity.

This sucks because theres no way to reconcile historic data.