Rosaries prohibited item for advertising due to being a Religious Product


Several my listings are suspended for advertising. I created a help ticket and the answer was they are prohibited items because they are religious in nature. Has anyone else had this happen?

Amazon blocking religious ads now?

They are basic rosaries


Ads advocating for a religion are banned. Does the content on the page mention a specific religion?


No it does not refer to a specific religion but the answer I received said the image contains a “Cross Pendant Necklace and it is a religion specific product”


I just did a search for Rosary and a banner ad came up. It has 3 different Rosary showing.

Are you being singled out or did they take the buy box from your. Check you SC page and see of the listing say buy box eligible.

Just looked and 60,000 Rosaries surface from that search query. More than likely another seller is being drip feed sales because they did not sell as much as you did this week so they cut off your drip feed.


Yes some of my rosaries show up and some don’t It seems they are targeting new listings and leaving the old one’s alone.


I’ve had the same thing happen. CNBC says this policy is a mistake but it’s cited in the policies.
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What is CNBC


Some of my older rosaries are allowed for advertising but not my new listings


A financial news network.


We inquired about it this week and found out that Religion or faith products are permitted on Sponsored Brands only now. The product review team is reviewing all the ASINs on Amazon and is suspending all the Sponsored Products ASINs which are not complying with our sponsored ads product acceptance policy.

“Religious product ads are due to non-compliance with sponsored ads product acceptance policy. As per sponsored ads policy section 4.3.8, products that are specific to a religion or faith are permitted on Sponsored Brands only.”

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