Rise of Scam Amazon Marketplace Sellers


actually i been scammed by one 2 months ago, and at the time i wrote my review about 80 others were scammed. how they get away with it they will put shipping time as like 4 weeks or 6 weeks etc…
amazon automatically issued a refund.

i suspect this could be part of the reason there starting to crack down on brands and also less sellers = higher prices = more amz profit

as far as these scammers amz must watch out themselves cause if there are to many charge backs from credit card companies then they will start to come down on amazon.


Amazon needs to start cracking down on scam buyers and scam sellers. Ban them from Amazon for running a scam, simple as that.


I don’t believe they’re doing NOTHING. This isn’t new, but I think the volume of it is. Somebody has designed a way to work the system. This is a very big threat to Amazon’s business, so I have to believe there are resources on it big time.


I don’t understand why Amazon doesn’t use the input from reliable sellers to see which sellers need to be monitored. Some of these counterfeiters are obvious!


Jinate’s Shop

Over 6,000 unhappy customers

Big surprise, Honk Kong lister


I thought 10 reviews were a lot for these bandits - I am writing to the author so that they may see the list we have compiled here on the forums.

It does seem that Amazon has shut down every seller in that article, so someone somewhere inside Amazon has access to the take-down button & has taken action.
Albeit Very Very late for the community that has been harmed.

I think that there will be class action lawsuits coming vs. Amazon as Merchants, Manufacturers and Buyers have made efforts to make AMZN aware of the problems and nothing is done until it is too late.
I am sure some party with deeper pockets will be asking 3P merchants to join an action.

Everyone gets hurt
Sellers: as the sellers are harmed by lower profits vs. the bandits
Buyers: buyers are harmed by the having their money stolen
Manufacturers: manufacturers are harmed w/bad reviews that come w/ the poor buying experience.
Amazon: as the article points out very succinctly … New sellers will not get the sale and the growth of the catalogue will slow down.

I am not sure why AMZN doesn’t simple put limits on new sellers - a simple long overdue action that would prevent much of the shenanigans.

RRRRRrrrr - this is disturbing!


Many of these sellers say the product will arrive in 4-6 weeks. Plenty of time to scam and possibly get some money. These sellers usually say they are shipping from Hong Kong or China. Some might even ship a few orders just to make things look good before pulling their enormous scam.


Okay, please excuse my ignorance but I think I’m missing something here… okay so they sell an expensive item at an eye catching price, customer pays, the fraudulent merchant does not ship… how does the fraudster even get the money? doesn’t Amazon hold the money for like 21 days or something …? especially when you’re a new seller they hold the money in reserve for a lot longer… so again… how the heck do they get the money? I’m sure these buyers are filing complaints way before the reserve time hits…


WRONG. Amazon got a COMMISSION on every one of those fraudulent sales.

So you’re 90% correct, EVERYONE gets hurt, EXCEPT amazon. Duh!

You think the general public knows about this? Would YOU have if not for the article posted here on a niche forum?

Would you have known about the EXTENT of this if not for the article posted?

You think the general public has the TIME and means to track this sort of behavior?

amazon knows EXACTLY what is going on, afterall they are the ones who have the means to track it the best.


Amazon is a multibillion dollar company with Grade A logistics and tracking software. They are very aware of the problem, oh wait its not a problem for them since they still profit.

Someone needs to make Amazon great again.


They may be making a bit of money off these guys, but it would be short-sighted of them not to recognize that much of Amazon’s success is based on its reputation for good service and good products. If customer confidence is ever lost, they (and we) are in BIG trouble.


What happen to the new seller review protocol. These scammers should have been stopped on their track.


I saw the possibility of this happening a long time ago. It’s like the scam that was developed by book thieves long ago. Go to a city rent a P.O. box or something to establish an address and then get a library card. Check out high value books and sell them. Go to next city and start over again.

Fortunately the police are onto this and so are libraries so it has been kept to a minimum.

Amazon needs to fix this or we all will suffer.


That’s what I was wondering. I thought Amazon didn’t even release the funds until AFTER you ship and then it still takes 2 weeks.


Scammers are working harder than Amazon. They are running away with millions and it will start to affect Amazon’s bottom line 1 day. This is just a taste of what’s to come. The tip of the +iceberg+.


back to the good ol’ days before the foreigners started taking our jobs?


How do these sellers get that many sales without a Velocity Review automatically kicking in ?

I had one, as a new seller, with 30 sales in a 3 day period…??? that was 7 or 8 years ago, and things have changed, I guess…That, and I’m not Chinese…


I think Customer confidence is changing now…I get many more unpleasant emails now than just a year ago…Much more accusatory, and suspicious, and some downright nasty…Immediately if something seems wrong to the buyer, they suspect being scammed, and send the email in that tone…


For those of you not dealing with this…

Do you know what happens when someone is unhappy with the product they receive? Counterfeiter asks for a photo. Still not happy? They offer 20% off and then 30%. Still not satisfied? Return it to China, it is very expensive to ship, so we recommend you keep it and give it as a gift. File an A-Z claim? They then offer a full immediate refund IF you remove the claim.

No wonder these accounts are hard to remove.


Never close your A-Z claim and let Amazon know about the bribery. This has got to stop.