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The Amazon System is working like following: reviews from 4.8 in higher will have a solid 5 star
From 4.3 till 4.7 will have a 4 ½ star
From 3.8 till 4.2 will have a 4 star
The problem is that if you have 4.2 rating you will only have 4 stars – which is not right.
I would requested Amazon to do like Wayfair that every number should a different amount of stars

What do you guys think?


Regardless of the rating, I still check reviews for real people, not actors.

Although, reviews are proving to be less reliable in certain categories/products.


Hi @PositiveOnly! I think you should post this question into this thread:

Amazon is currently asking for Seller input regarding product reviews, and we are voting on the questions/suggestions to be addressed by the Customer Product Reviews Team. Go vote! And post your idea! :grin:

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