Returns, Refunds, and Safe-T claims


With the new Safe-T claim policy requiring Amazon to refund the customer in order for the seller to file a Safe-T claim how long does it take Amazon to complete this refund after the item is received back? Also, has anyone had actual experience with a buyer filing an A to Z claim before Amazon refunds and what were the results?


If you have the return you should issue a refund. Amazon has either drastically slowed down the auto-refund or eliminated it. If the buyer opens an A2Z and the rep sees that you have had the return for a few days, they will just issue a full refund.

If the buyer does not deserve the whole refund, then do not refund in full.


Sounds like the classic Catch 22! To File a Safe-T claim Amazon must issue the refund but they never issue the refund and thus you can never file a safe-T claim. Brilliant!!


Trust me, there are many occasions where Amazon refunds the buyer. For those of us in sfp, Amazon covers post-sale buyer support and the majority of refunds are initiated by Amazon.

The reason for the Safe-T claim change is that many sellers were simply taking the easy way out, refunding 100% (when they were entitled to withhold shipping and/or restocking fees) then filing a claim for Amazon to foot the bill.

If we receive return, we have 2 days to process and refund the appropriate amount. If the return reason is buyer-faulted or discretionary, withhold shipping cost(s). If restocking fees are desired, withhold them per policy.

Amazon will no longer step in to issue an auto-refund unless contacted by the buyer. If a rep sees the buyer returned the item and there has been no refund activity, they will likely either refund or open an A-Z on behalf of the buyer.

If we follow refund policy, there is no need for a safe-t claim.

The Safe-t claim is there to allow reimbursement if Amazon refunds in error or out-of-policy.