Returns Missing for 1 year


I’ve been moving addresses a lot (4 times in the last year). I haven’t received any of my returns & I have updated my “Returns” address to whichever address I was currently living at.

Can someone help me as far as learning where my returns have been sent to?_


You specify this when you make your removal orders for the unfulfillable items. Do you have those automated?

Go to your Manage FBA Inventory screen, and find the link at the top “Remove Unfulfillable Inventory”
It should show you a list of of inventory that needs removed, and a button to manage your Auto Removal Settings.


Okay. It says they’ve been going to my old address from a year ago. It looks like I’ve lost 1000’s of dollars in inventory with the items being shipped there. From what the customer service rep emailed me I thought I changed it by going to Settings -> Return Settings -> Update current address.

Is there anyway to get reimbursed? It seems like that should’ve changed the “Returns Address”. But I see where to change it now.


I’m living in an apartment complex now and all I have is a lockbox for my mail. Is it safe to mail it here, or some sort of PO box type thing with UPS?


And I have actually already used this page to change my address a few times and it didn’t save/update.


this will change FBM returns address.

FBA returns go to Amazon warehouse.
You should create removal order if you want them to be returned to you

You will not be reimbursed if you forget to change your removal order settings. its on you.


This is from a case I sent in September. I have not/did not receive any returns to that address. Thanks for your help.

Hello from Amazon Selling Partner Support,

I have reviewed your email and I understand that you want to know your return address.

I would like to inform you that as I have checked and found that your default return address is “(Current address I was living at at the time)”

All returns in the marketplace will be sent to this address.


I know this doesn’t solve your year of lost returns, but you need to disable your automated settings. Once every few weeks, you will need to make a manual removal order for your returns. This will allow you to know where you are sending things, (and more importantly) when you should expect to receive them.

Only you can figure that out. Check with your apartment office to see what happens to boxes delivered to your address, or if they just leave a delivery notice and you have to pick it up somewhere. If there is real money involved, find a nearby UPS store, rent a box, and send everything there.


Understood. Seeing as I contacted customer support asking about where my returns have been and following their advice didn’t return my items to my new addresses, hopefully I can do something with that. Thank you.


You did not have any returns.
That is why you did not receive anything to that address.

You had inventory removals. They are not returns