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I am venting here… I wish the refunds were NOT processed until the return was back to the warehouse. Many are not returning. So buyer’s have my items and my funds.


The customer has 45-days from the date of the refund to return your item to FBA. If they don’t, you should automatically be reimbursed for them.



I do, but I have to hound amazon for rembursement. Not mention time lost. I am a one person shop already working 20hrs a day. (almost at a point were I can hire someone profit wise) I just think that the refund shouldn’t come out on the seller’s end until its scanned at the return warehouse. I hvae had 30 returns since Holidays and only 4 were actually returned.
I guess I will have to carve out a time monthly to do this better ( hounding & checking for reimbursement)

Thanks, Funky Monkey :slight_smile:


Where’d you find 4-hours a day? This is a 24/7/365 occupation :O)

This will help you keep track of your returns vs. refunds.

Thread: How do you catch the refunds that need to be reimbursed?

Once you set it up, it takes only a few minutes a week to keep updated.

While I agree we shouldn’t have to do this, if we don’t Amazon will keep it all. So far, I’ve recovered over $7,000 in missing reimbursements. To me, it’s worth the effort.



THANK YOU FUNKY MONKEY! :slight_smile:


You’re very welcome, again :O)



This just happened to me as well. The customer said the book was “defective.” However; when it was returned to the Amazon warehouse, they determined that it was not defective and still sellable and listed it back into my inventory. I ended up paying all of the fulfillment fees for a buyer who lied about the condition of the merchandise.

Amazon also damaged one of my books at the warehouse, and only replaced it when I insisted. Then, mysteriously," the replaced book was “lost” at the warehouse and I had to open another claim which I am still waiting for then to resolve.

Not impressed with FBA.


They don’t make anything unless they find money owed to you. They take 25% of what they find.

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Why bother when we can do a better job ourselves, for free?



Time element. I can either hire more help or farm out menial tasks.


I’ve recovered over $7,000.

My time was well spent.


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