Return policy


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  1. Should I set up automatic authorized return by Amazon?
  2. I have a customer by a product on 04/28 and it was delivered on 05/8. Now (5/23) he request to return because it was delivered too late. Accurately, the order was arrived earlier than the time frame. What should I do with it?


If it was delivered on the 8th of May. They have until June 8th to request return. You have to accept. If it was delivered in the delivery window time frame , then when you get it back , if its in same condition you can withhold shipping and up to 20% restock fee, if returned in different condition you can withhold up to 50%.

  1. The prepaid label offered to the buyer goes with the professional account. Up to now some pro account holders (for no known reason) did not have it. But Amazon is in the process of changing that.

You should check the option that says I want Amazon to automatically authorize and provide a prepaid shipping label for return requests that meet Amazon policy

  1. If the item arrived within the stated time frame then the buyer’s declaration that is was late is just based on their own needs, and is not a valid reason. It is a discretionary return. You have to approve the return. You may, after receiving it, inspect and perhaps charge a restocking fee if damaged or not in the same condition.


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