Return Policy durning pandemic


Returns, I know the stores are not excepting any returns due to the current pandemic. The reasonings for this is safety and trying to prevent spreading of the virus due to the fact there is such a long incubation period before symptoms are seen. Is this a policy that Amazon is considering due tot he fact every other store has already implemented?
Also why is Amazon approving return-less refunds in my account and Im not able to see why the customer is making the request or giving a reason?


Amazon EXTENDED their return window…go to your news column and read what/why. You set up your own returns…go check your return settings and see what it says. Return-less refunds may be due to what you sell and what your settings are. You cannot have returns more strict than Amazon, so you will be stuck with the return window.

You’re not worried about spreading the virus on every package you ship out, so why worry about what you receive? But if you are…then take pre-cautions with those packages.