Return Inventory - Internationally


Hi there
I need HELP please!!!
I want to close my Amazon Account and ship my remaining inventory back to myself … not a difficult question I would think!!!
However, “Return Inventory” only allows for USA addresses and give NO OTHER sugestions or links on how to do this to an international address!!! … surely if my products were shipped into Amazon internationally, they can be returned internationally as well.
Not only can I not find this information, but I can’t find out HOW TO SPEAK TO ANYONE TO ASK THIS QUESTION!!! … or to get any answers :frowning:
Can anyone please help me :slight_smile:


No. Amazon does not do international removal orders. There is no way to have Amazon send you your inventory internationally. What you can do is find a service in the USA where you can ship the inventory to, and have them return the merchandise to you in your country. You will have to pay the shipping fees and any customs and brokerage fees. It isn’t cheap, so hopefully the inventory is worth it. Otherwise your best bet is to have the inventory destroyed by Amazon.


You will have to hire an agent in the US to receive and forward your goods. There are mail and freight forwarders who will accept mail and shipments on behalf of clients and and forward them. Google mail forwarding service and freight forwarding service.


You can try to use FBA multi-channel fulfillment to ship Internationally. You might not like the cost.

Otherwise you will need a freight forwarder and it will be difficult if your product is shipped by Amazon in multiple shipments, which it probably will be.