Return Dissatisfaction Rate Negative for no reason?


Which grey flags ?


There used to be little grey flags you click on to provide feedback on each metric.
They took them off. They no longer want feedback on the metrics.


you’re right, of course


Thank you - but this is such a shame.


I still have them, along with this Message on top of Account Health:

We’re trying out a new feature
Now you can provide feedback on your metrics (look for the little gray flags.)


Greetings Sellers,

I have been provided with the following information:

If you think your Customer Service Dissatisfaction Rate is incorrect, please email [|] with the subject “CSDR FEEDBACK.”

  • If you have questions about a specific order, make sure to provide the relevant order ID or ASIN information.

If you think that we have incorrectly calculated your Return Dissatisfaction Rate, please email [|] with the subject “METRIC MISCALCULATION” and include the relevant order ID and ASIN information.

  • Tell us why you think the rate is miscalculated, and we will review it and make adjustments as appropriate.
  • If you made any changes to a return, such as approving a previously denied request, please allow 48 hours for updates to appear in your metrics.
    If you have feedback about the Return Dissatisfaction Rate, please email the same address above with the subject “METRIC FEEDBACK.”

Your feedback is important to us and we will review the information you provide.



You bet


I dont have the flags, I cant believe that this most talked about thread in a while has absolutely zero response from MODS…


for those that can’t see it…that’s how pretty it looks when you run into it…


Of course it just smacked me in the face to as I signed in…
It’s so frustrating to be treated like second class people, buyers getting their freaking butts wiped by Amazon, with our cash


> Your feedback is important to us and we will review the information you provide.



I kinda thought the thousands of comments and suggestions as to why it is a horrible metric destined for failure was pretty apparent across all the boards but I guess Ill have to write and email.


But your contact response time is great


Actually, mine is not blushing that much …

but I was grumbling about the Yellow Tracking Flag all over this message board, which would not be Yellow for Overall Sales, but Yellow because of ONE September 18 Music CD tracking from NYC to LA did not get pulled correctly, and the fragmented tracking appears to override the overall number!


.I sell in Grocery and Gourmet category. Per Amazon rules returns are not accepted. However, we accept reasonable requests for return or refund.

Our metric for Return Dissatisfaction Rate is -75%!!!

Here is one example:

A customer bought a bag of food from us, eat most of them. Weeks later decided she wanted to return for a full refund. We provided return details and promised full refund minus shipping. BAM! negative Dissatisfaction Rate.

How can you even rate such cases without knowing the full story?

Amazon, you set the rules we follow them, some of us have done a step better than that.

Metrics like these would only create resentment and bitterness amount sellers.


Lauren - Thank you for responding back to our concern but do you really think its a good idea for us to send the information to them, when they can do it themselves by improving the algorithms after doing a sample check ?
I can tell you - all our metrics are incorrect. Online retail itself is so time consuming alongwith making sure that all our customers are satisfied and on top of that, this one more metric is just making our life more miserable.


ODR is based of a total number of orders within a certain time period. Yet, Customer Service Satisfaction is based off something completely different. Same goes for Return Dissatisfaction. How does that make any sense? How is Customer Service and Return Satisfaction not based off the same criteria that the Order Defect Rate is based off. It’s all the same thing. If that makes sense to anyone that helped to apply these new metrics, I’d like to hear their explanation.


The word “currently” is what everyone is afraid of


Hello again Sellers,

As a follow up to my previous post regarding Customer Service Dissatisfaction Rate & Return Dissatisfaction Rates:

There currently are no penalties for failing to meet the set targets. We created the metric to help you monitor satisfaction with customer return requests, and we encourage you to monitor your performance and identify any negative trends.

Again, if you feel your Customer Service Dissatisfaction Rate & Return Dissatisfaction Rates are incorrectly calculated, please follow the instructions in my previous post:

All threads regarding this topic have been forwarded to Seller Support leadership for review.



Hello Jarboys Marine Supplies,

Thank you for your reply and your feedback.

I do not have any insight behind how these metrics are calculated on our end, nor do I have the authority to override them. This is information that is not accessible by Seller Support.

If you feel your metrics have been incorrectly calculated, please e-mail the dedicated addresses listed in my first post:

Your e-mails will be sent directly to the team in charge of these metrics, and they are in the best position to assist you.

Thank you everyone for taking the time to share your feedback, and your concerns. I have collected every thread created on these two metrics, and they have been forwarded to Seller Support Leadership for review.