Return address discrepancy - How to fix?


I changed my store name about eight months ago. I decided recently that I wanted to return to the original store name so I changed it back (about six weeks ago). The change has taken affect and is reflected everywhere except on my shipping labels. I’ve checked my seller account from top to bottom and can’t find the problem. I never changed my return address so that remained intact but all of the shipping labels I print out still have the wrong store name. Is that something I can modify or edit when I’m processing an order?


If you are buying shipping from Amazon, when purchasing, you can edit under preferences.


Also try Settings: Return Settings

Settings: Shipping Settings


FABOLOGIST: Thanks so much for the input. I’ve tried all of the options you suggested but the correct name shows up everywhere. I can’t find anyplace where it’s wrong except on the shipping label.


WADEORCAS: I’ll check the “Buy Shipping Preferences” on my next order and see what happens. This is driving me nuts.