Retrieve order's packing slip file by codes


Please advice the APIs in MWS to get the packing slip pdf files for orders that are fulfilled by merchant.

I can print the packing slips from the seller central - orders - manage orders, but how to do it in codes?



This feature only works if you are using Merchant Fulfillment to get your labels. There is an optional parameters called LabelFormatOption which has an element called IncludePackingSlipWithLabel


Thank you very much for this info.

If we simply want to download the packing slips that are available from the “Print packing slip” button in the seller central portal for orders that have been fulfilled by non-Amazon’s shipping services, this would not be possible, right?

We import the orders, ship them and update their shipment statuses back to Amazon through the MWS APIs.

Thanks again for the advices.


I don’t believe you can get packing slips if you aren’t ordering labels via MWS.