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Ive been selling on Amazon for years, and recently I have had no problem selling or listing any DVD’s so I didnt think I needed to opt in for the DVD sales request from Amazon. However today I tried to post some DVD’s from my personal collection that are still new and shrink wrapped. I was able to list 7 out of 14. The other 7 came up with Restricted or there was No Yours to Sell option. I presume I will need to request the DVD option. I didnt think I needed to because these DVD’s were below $25.00.


Was the price under $25, or the MSRP under $25? It is the MSRP that counts.

Also, I have noticed more and more restrictions unrelated to MSRP in this category.


As stated above, if their MSRP is over $25 you can’t list them without approval. It doesn’t matter what your asking price is. It’s all based on MSRP.


If you are just listing DVDs from your personal collection you will not be approved to list DVDs.
Amazon is now asking for proof that you are getting your inventory from legitimate sources, wholesalers, and providing invoices to prove such.
If your inventory is just DVDs that you have, then you will not get Amazon’s approval to list DVDs with a MSRP of $25 and up.
Since you have sold in the category before, you may be eligible to list those DVDs with MSRP under $25


Whether you are approved ( We are) or not approved to sell 25.00 MSR and up, many DVDS are restricted, I noticed more so with TV SERIES DVD SETS. It has to do with the manufacture not anything to do with amazon approval.


Everything is based on Amazon’s MSRP

Yes I said Amazon’s because some of thier MSRP’s are above the actual studio’s MSRP. We had one big seller during the holiday with an MSRP of $14.98 and Amazon decided to raise it to $26.23 to stop others from selling it. We called and had the manufacturer call them as well, within a couple days it was returned to $14.98.
Yes this is a rant in some ways but the long and short of it is it goes by the MSRP not what you want to sell it for.


If you are able to sell DVD’s on you should have received an email stating that you can sell DVD’s UNDER $25.00 MSRP. If you did not receive this email then you are going to have difficulty listing DVD’s on

Applications for listing DVD’s over $25.00 MSRP are not being taken at the present time - at least that is what I understand.

You are trying to listing products using a “sell button.” Try using “add a product” on your inventory page. You will be told what the MSRP is and if there is listing limitations. I find I have more success in using “add a product” than just finding a “sell button.”

In fact, I have no problems listing DVD’s recently and have added many new ones to my inventory. I am allowed to sell DVD’s under $25.00 MSRP and find that most of mine are under that figure. For example, a Danielle Steel movie is generally listed at $9.99 MSRP but sells for $19.00 and higher. Sold several for $28.00 over the holiday. It is the MSRP that is important.

I hope I have not confused you further - it is a rather confusing issue. Good luck


Betsy, you might want to read this thread.


Maybe it’s because you keep using an apostrophe to form a plural.


I might add, you can only get approved if you are subscribed to a distributor and can show your invoices. Your Amazon history, reputation and performance have nothing to do with it.

Obviously they are trying to weed out counterfeits, but it pretty much screwed everyone who deals in secondhand merchandise. If we buy a copy of the latest disney movie, or a great TV series on DVD, we can’t sell it on Amazon. Period.

Amazon’s loss in my opinion. We’ve been putting the expensive DVD’s on auction sites where we would have happily listed them on Amazon.


That doesn’t make any sense. You can prove your item is legitimate if you still have the receipt that proves you bought the product from a legitimate source…


Has any body else noticed restricted DVD titles showing up as books?


Marilyn I have read that thread. As I stated I am approved ONLY for DVD’s with a MSRP of $25.00 or below. I did not have to apply as I was approved because I had sold DVD’s with no problems in 2014. I have a very specific email from Seller Support on this issue. I have no problems selling DVD’s as long as the MSRP is under $25.00

As stated in an earlier thread my invoices for selling over MSRP were rejected as they were not from the distributors approved by amazon. Earlier discussions on other threads discussed whether or not those approved would have leeway to sell outside the distributor invoices they submitted or whether once approved they could sell from any source.

As I told the poster using “add a product” is very helpful in adding DVD’s to your inventory. Many “Sell” Buttons have been removed. (Long story that I will not repeat here).

It does seem that amazon does not have a policy that is the same for all sellers but varies with individual sellers. In fact I have been invited to apply to sell in another category which I am considering - that would be fashion jewelry.

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