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I use the Restock Inventory report to manage my production and stock levels. For the past 4 days, when I request the report, I get “No Data Available”. I know I can’t replenish inventory right now, but I still need to get quantity on hand, sales last 30 days, recommended replenishment, etc, to be prepared for when replenishment resumes. How can I get the report? Thanks.


Unfortunately, Amazon has mostly disabled that report for now per:

What I would recommend is trying to use order reports for now to see how many units have sold and inventory reports for your quantity on hand.


It is a bit more work, but that data can still be found under
Reports->Fulfillment->Inventory, Inventory Health.
It updates once a day.

The download version has more fields than the ‘view online’ version. Here is a field list for the downloaded version:


Thank you for the share! I didn’t realize that existed. Very, very helpful :slight_smile:


I was afraid of that. It seems wrong to disable a report because they are temporarily limiting shipments – I mean, downloading the report doesn’t cause a shipment. But I can find the same numbers by combining a couple other reports, it’s just a nuisance.

Thanks for the help.


Just wanted to make sure that you saw the better answer:


Yes, thanks for the follow-up. I can use the Inventory Health report. But I manage about 1,000 items, so I automated an interface to the Restock Report to integrate smoothly with my inventory production system. Now I have to do it manually. It’s annoying that Amazon simply disabled the report for no good reason.


If you can automate fetching of the restock report, you can do the same with the inventory health report. The MWS name of it is _GET_FBA_FULFILLMENT_INVENTORY_HEALTH_DATA_

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