Restock Inventory Report (UK)



According to the above link Restock Inventory Report is only availale for US marketplace. This report is available to me in Seller Central as a UK seller in the UK marketplace. Does anyone know how I can programmatically get this report or Amazon’s suggested order quantities and reorder dates for UK marketplace?


I don’t know if the docs are up to date, in the US marketplace it is _GET_RESTOCK_INVENTORY_RECOMMENDATIONS_REPORT_


We have have tried GET_RESTOCK_INVENTORY_RECOMMENDATIONS_REPORT for the UK marketplace and did not recevie a response.


If the report is available to you in your seller central, have you tried looking at the download link? Most have the report name embedded.

If that doesn’t work, request the report manually, then check to see what was produced recently with GetReportRequestList


@Autonomoose We got this working now. The report is available for the UK marketplace via API so the docummenation is out of date. Thank you very much for your help. :slight_smile: