Reserved inventory is greater than actually sent


I finally got my first order sent and “received” and am waiting for my inventory to actually show up in a search or be buyable.

But, the quantity shown in reserved is greater than the number I actually sent. What’s up with that?


This happens on occasion; chances are that they will straighten it out in the next few days. Nothing you can do about it until the date when you can “reconcile” the shipment (usually about 2 weeks; sometimes longer).
Meanwhile, don’t worry about it.


And will my item show up in a search later? I’m assuming that it just doesn’t show up yet because it’s not fully in the system.


Ours is usually available on backorder while AZ transfers around.


I sometimes see a “Backordered”; other times, it simply doesn’t start showing until the transfer is complete (although lately, it’s been all “Backordered”, so it may be changing).


Thanks for the replies. The community here is so helpful. A follow up question that maybe I’ll have to post in another sting: my item used to show up in a search, like maybe the first page or two (on my phone) now it doesn’t show up at all when I use the same search term. I have to be really specific with the key word to get it to show up. What gives?