Resale/Pawn shop suspended for inauthentic claims


So I am a resale shop similar to a pawn shop and I buy my merchandise in a plethora of ways including estate sales, overstock auctions, storage locker auctions as well as the general public sells me items. My seller account was recently suspended for inauthenticity claims. As many of you are aware the only real way to appeal this claim is to provider invoices from an authorized wholesaler/manufacturer. I do not have that invoice as I acquire my merchandise in the means listed above. After the 17 day appeal window closed I received another letter stating the following:


You have not sent us an acceptable plan to address the complaints we received about the authenticity of your items. As a result, you may no longer sell on, your listings have been removed from our site, and we are withholding any funds available in your account. If you do not submit an acceptable plan to address these complaints, we will permanently withhold any payments to you.

To appeal this decision, click the Appeal button next to this message on the Performance Notifications page in Seller Central (

Please include the following information for each ASIN reported:

– Copies of invoices or receipts from your supplier issued in the last 365 days. These should reflect your sales volume during that time.
– Contact information for your supplier, including name, phone number, address, and website.

You can send .pdf, .jpg, .png, or .gif files. These documents must be authentic and unaltered. We may call your supplier to verify the documents. You may remove pricing information, but the rest of the document must be visible. We will maintain the confidentiality of your supplier’s contact information.

Items offered on our site must be authentic. The sale of any item that has been illegally replicated, reproduced, or manufactured is strictly prohibited. If we determine that your seller account was used to engage in fraud or other illegal activity, then we will permanently withhold any payments to you.

To learn more about this policy, search for “Amazon Anti-Counterfeiting Policy” in Seller Central Help.

For information about how to sell on Amazon again please check the Performance Notifications page on Seller Central


Seller Performance Team

I sent five appeal letters during the 17 day appeal period to which I was given the same canned message asking for invoices. I called and spoke with seller central and although the customer service rep was empathetic she stated the department which handles suspensions does not offer phone support. Mind you the two inauthentic complaints represent 0.05% of my total units sold this year and I’ve sold a combined 93 units of the exact same item which generated the complaints without incident. Any Advice would be appreciated!


You are on the wrong website

Amazon is not a garage sale or online pawn shop

If you continue listing, you will be perma banned


I disagree with you completely

and based on suspensions, used and IP are the top 2 causes


books and music are COMPLETELY different than consumer goods found in abandoned storage units


I would guess that you sold this item as “new”.

Thus you are stuck in a hard place to get back your account. The only chance, from reading the forums, is. Get the complaining co. ,mfg, to withdraw the claim. Apologize and explain how you got their merchandise and how you won’t sell it anymore. They need to withdraw the complaint from Amazon. you can’t without invoices from them.

Let Amazon then know and don’t sell liquidations as “new”


No he most likely listed as used, but it doesn’t matter to Amazon because you still need to prove authenticity. Which is impossible since the item is used.


This is just a dumb comment, a large part of Amazon’s revenue is from used goods.
Not every seller sells stuff from manufacturer’s, Amazon does not discourage people from selling used goods like you’re doing right now.

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I sell both new and used items and list accordingly. The items which a received inauthentic complaints were both new listed accordingly. I only list an item as new if it is legitimately new (i.e. factory sealed).


All of which can and often do include some inauthentic items.

I do not think there is a way for you to get reinstated.

I sell used media and non-media items on this site.

There are many items I would not sell here, even though I feel confident that I can spot a fake, because I do not have confident that buyers are adequately knowlegeable about, or they appeal to problem buyers.

If resale shops are licensed in your area, I would try providing Amazon with a copy of your license and the purchase record for the item including the seller’s statement and the copy of their ID.


HI, I am sorry for your issue.

I read your post and have a question, in the notice you got from Amazon, it states that

"your listings have been removed from our site, and we are withholding any funds available in your account. If you do not submit an acceptable plan to address these complaints, we will permanently withhold any payments to you.

can they permanently withhold payment or am I just mis-understanding something?



Yes Amazon does permit sellers to sell USED goods. But from my experience selling on this platform Amazon customers generally are used to getting BRAND NEW items. I personally never have or never will sell anything USED on this site. The other marketplace is better for the USED products.

In any case selling USED items on this site is opening a can of worms. Look at the OP selling used items. The OP can in no way provide invoices for the products as Amazon is requesting.

My account to me is too valuable. I would in no way risk it to sell some one off USED item. But to each his own.


Well your experience is limited. I am a book & music collector and I buy and sell on Amazon. Are you saying then that out-of-print books & music, usually being used, should not be sold on Amazon? This would apply to many other categories as well. Amazon is a lot of different things to a lot of people. Your experience is just your experience.


From my experience lately in helping a few suspended sellers get reinstated there’s usually 1 of 2 issues here …

  • Packaging issue
  • Workflow issue
    I’ve helped several with this same complaint and no invoices were needed to get them reinstated.

In your case it could be the selling of Name Brand stuff … for which when sold used there’s is no proof of.

Depending on things you could get back up … but would likely require a change in +what+ you list here.


+Amazon does not discourage people from selling used goods like you’re doing right now.+

No, Amazon just permanently suspends those sellers who can’t prove their merchandise is legit.
If a used item comes under question, the seller is going to need to provide invoices for their.
On one hand, Amazon welcomes used items, but on the other hand, Amazon may suspend those who sell used items.

The OPs business model is that of a swap meet when Amazon is looking for a business model that more mirrors that of Macy’s. Eventually, the two will clash.


> can they permanently withhold payment or am I just mis-understanding something?

Yes, they can. It’s in the TOS.


There is nothing that someone can actually look at … and one might think that after reinstatement some would go back to their thread and post so or chime in … but not so. And that’s fine …

Overall I wont/don’t advertise whom I’ve helped because I wont help everyone.

Several posters in here have contacted me and I have gotten them reinstated (6 for 6 at the moment) +after+ I was sure they understood what caused the issue and were fixing it. I wont do a POA otherwise …

I don’t expect anyone to just believe or accept all this … it’s OK not to.
I just don’t offer up proof … If I get hired then OK …if not that’s OK too.
> Also, from what I’ve read earlier, he/she charges for it, so I think this should at least be mentioned.
You are correct … but only for one on one.
I post here for free …
> Sorry, can’t easily find the thread where this is said. Maybe he --/she-- will confirm and spare me from having to look.


I like that … Care if I use it ??
> I certainly do not look down on Oneida Books for charging IF they do.
As mentioned I do for one on one help. Typically I have 70 -100 emails back and forth … plus hours of reading exchanges and/or pulling data about their listings to find the issue. So it’s impossible not to …


The seller could have sold this item as “new” which is a violation since the seller is not an authorized dealer\seller\distributor\wholesaler\etc. for this item.

Even if he sold this item as “used”, the seller still could face a claim for the item not being authentic. For example, it could be a Rolex watch that was actually a knock-off.

When I read this post, it seems like a buyer is claiming that the item is a fake not an authentic item from the original manufacturer…the response from Amazon is talking about counterfeit items not about the condition (i.e. new versus old).


Woody and Lake have pretty much hit the nail on the head. In addition you have --replied-- appealed 5 times getting the same answer from them. You may only have one or 2 appeals left if anything can be done at all.

Oneida Books has a good track history of helping out with appeals, so I would look to them for help.

All that being said Ebay is probably a better venue for some of your “trouble” items.


What item was you suspended for and how was it listed, IE New or used?