"Request Transfer" button, what does it really do?


Hello, I have been selling on Amazon for 5 months, and never clicked the yellow Request Transfer button after hearing horror stories of payments being pushed back/delayed for weeks.

My next initiated transfer is on Tuesday, if I click the button will the transfer for the full payment amount go thru today? I’ve heard they only transfer 10%., and the rest later?

So much confusing info on this dang button, can someone explain what it really does?


Mine does nothing.


I know I can do a transfer every 24 hrs and it will transfer the amount that has cleared whatever time limits are set by amazon for holding funds.
I hope this helps



ok very simply, it will allow you to transfer the amount of money that has cleared amazons holds AT THAT TIME.

for instance lets say you have a pending amazon balance of 1000.00 to be deposited on the 30th and its the 22nd, it will only deposit the items that have cleared the payment hold on the 22nd, nothing more. so lets say that was 100.00 of your pending balance then it would RESET your normal deposit date to 14 days from that deposit and run like normal until you hit the button again or the 14 days are up whichever comes first. i hope this explanation helps.

theoretically it means you should be able to get your money faster then the normal 2 weeks. but there is a “company store” aspect of this, if you purchase your shipping through amazon it will remove all shipping charges and fees from the available balance(what you can deposit) before touching the money on hold so if you make enough in sales theoretically it could take weeks or longer to see a penny.


I would not click on it unless you really need some funds. I clicked once (one day before the scheduled transfer) and messed up all my cash flow. Got only small portion of scheduled transfer amount and was really unhappy.


It does not usually transfer the whole amount because the amount shown for your next payment is what you WILL have at that time, not what you currently have because your funds do not become available until 7 days after they’ve been marked as delivered or 7 days after the last possible delivery date if it doesn’t get marked as delivered for some reason like goes out for delivery and USPS doesn’t bother to scan it as delivered.

However you can click that button 1x every 24hrs- it will bump back your next payment another 2 weeks but you can hit again tomorrow if you want or hit it again Tuesday and you should get the remainder.

However it is very hard to know what you will have when you request an early transfer because if you purchase shipping, advertising, refunds etc. that all comes out of your cleared balance and not out of your reserve. So lets say you have $1,000 that says will be available on Tuesday- but currently only $500 of that was marked as delivered at least 7 days ago- and then you just purchased $100 in shipping- and you click request early transfer you will get $400. And then lets say tomorrow another $100 becomes available and you click it you’ll get that $100- and so on!

Have I confused you yet??? It took me forever to understand and the only way to know what you will get if you request an early transfer is if you keep track of your orders and when they were marked as delivered and any refunds, or advertising and postage purchased from Amazon you subtract from that. So there is a method to the madness.

So sometimes you can hit that button it will give you $0, but if your payment is in 4 days you should get a good portion of it. And like I said you can hit it again on Tuesday! However when you request payment Thur, Fri, Sat and Sun for some reason it doesn’t hit your account until Monday, but any other day it gets deposited the following day- so if your going to hit it maybe wait until tomorrow evening since you’ll have to wait till Monday to get it anyway.


It might do absolutely nothing.

It might transfer all funds.

It might transfer some funds.

If any funds are transferred it will change your next automatic pay date.

If nothing happens it probably will not affect your next pay date.

I can guarantee you Seller Help will be of no Help.

It was well “known” for some time that the only people with the request transfer capability had the old platform accounts.

Many forum reports have knocked that “knowledge” on its ear. But there is no single consensus on what will happen.

Try it and see.


That’s what I was trying to say- I think you explained it much better and less confusingly than I did


I am able to select this button once every 24 hours which initiates a bank transfer for all funds available in my seller account. I have seen many other sellers who are only able to get their money every few weeks but mine is literally available within 20-30 minutes after I purchase shipping through Amazon, and that button is active immediately as long as I have not clicked it within 24 hours. As soon as I click it, the funds from every transaction are in my checking account within 2-3 business days. Other sellers seem to have issues with it as well as delays in receiving their money but I have never had such problems. It may be that I am a very small individual seller who ships directly to my customers and only sells in one category, but I use this button almost every time I have a transaction with no problems.


Oh my gosh…too funny!


I click mine every 24 hours and do a full funds transfer. I am grandfathered in to the once a day funds transfer. Unfortunately for newer people it doesn’t work that way anymore.


Deduct Unavailable Balance from Scheduled to Transfer Balance.
If it comes up negative, don’t hit the transfer button.
If it’s positive, go on ahead.
Learned from experience.

I used to think if you deduct the scheduled to transfer from the Previous statement’s unavailable balance, then it would show you what it would actually transfer. This other way has been more reliable. I could be wrong and just got lucky and unlucky during my investigation of this however it seems to work this way.


Mine used to work once every 24 hours but SS is a joke and could not act on the problem w/o more info, they said. Since nothing changed when the button was hit, no second page for actual transfer, then nothing got fixed.
As part of my case they sent me a link that takes me to the second page and the link still works when I go and open the case get to the part with the link and boom, request transfer page is there.
But my Button does nothing still.


It’s the older accounts and newer accounts that can request every 24hrs- I’ve had mine for 2 years and since day 1 could request every 24hrs. But I think where ours are different is we have to wait for our money to become available- and it doesn’t become availabe until 7 days after it’s been maked as delivered or if it hasnt been marked as delivered or you didn’t use tracking then it’s 7 days after the last possible delivery date.


Right, mine is available daily. I am going on 20 years selling on Amazon. I wouldn’t care for the new way.


It works as @bookwormapril says.

There was an Amazon glitch which was fixed a couple of months back where some sellers who were not entitled to daily disbursements were able to disburse, and those who were entitled to daily disbursements did not have to wait 24 hours.

It caused some of the strange behavior that other sellers have reported including resetting the automatic disbursement dates.


??? That’s not really the correct logic? Because I would always have a positive number if I did this math- and I don’t always have a transfer.

Your subtracting your transfer amount and your unavailable balance- but your unavailable balance had no parts of what you will get paid right now because they already took that out of the equation for what you will be getting paid on 4/23- if you look it shows you have currently $1307 in shipped orders- however as of right now $510 of that may not be available by 4/23, it will depend on when it gets marked as delivered, however the $797.66 will definitely be available by 4/23 because the last possible delivery date for those shipments are at least 7 days before your scheduled payment date!


How does one get this button? We have been selling since 2012 and our account has never had it.


I dont have that button, been selling since 2012, where is this button? payment is every 2 weeks, do we have an option and a button that I dont know about?


Yea it sucks! A lot of people who are in the middle- and don’t have the request transfer think it’s unfair that the new people do but really we’re waiting 2 weeks if not longer to get paid too.

Amazon says they do it so if you have refunds and A-Z that the money is there on reserves but then when you do have to give a refund or you lose an A-Z they take the money from your available balance and not the reserve that they supposidly hold it for- what sense does that make?

I can definitely understand the logic for doing it to new sellers to make sure they aren’t going to scam a bunch of people and then be gone with the money- but after a certain point I don’t think anyone should have to wait that long to get paid if you have good metrics- i constantly have thousands of dollars in reserves! It really sucks when your broke but shouldn’t be!