Request review through the API


same question i have describe briefly.

I have seen review request button on order page in seller central account. So my company want the same request sent to buyer using our custome seller tool so do you have any document for review request or any api? I have checked feedbackfive tool so they are provide atomatically review request to buyer. So my company want same like proccess of feedbackfive tool. so can you please help me?


There isn’t an API for this.


People are using an API. Here is a screenshot of Amazon giving permission.


You are getting that from Seller Central. MWS does not have any way to get that information. image

The only “review” type of information you may get would be under Performance Reports.


I’m trying to find the same thing; there must be some means of doing so as there are services out there offering to do it (automate the ‘request review’ button rather than sending a review request email).

Has anyone managed to figure out how this is being done?


There isn’t an API to do this. What they are doing is using the order information and creating their own email and sending the request to the customer.


This is not correct, there are providers doing it through an API, It looks to be undocumented


How do you know that they are going through the API? And how would these providers know to use an undocumented API?


you can see above managebystats has access to that module. also other tools have access to it without the need to go through seller central. They must have beta access to it


You are referring to the screenshot from a youtube video created by ManageByStats? If they even have beta access to it most likely isn’t available for everyone else to use.


Based on the information on ManageByStats own website the way that their pricing scheme is based on the volume of emails that are sent I am almost certain that there isn’t an API for requesting reviews. They are emulating the email template to look as the one Amazon uses for the Review Request and using their own email service to fire these off as I previously stated. If there were to be an API endpoint to have a tiered pricing for the number of emails would be an artificial way to inflate the price of the service.


they do both…its not just them. there are more than one that hit the undocumented API directly.


You are assuming that one exists without actual proof.


ok, whatever you want to believe


It clearly exists - may SAAS providers are offering the service. Here’s one:

It talks about how it will work even for sellers who have been restricted from sending buyer messages, so clearly cannot be simply emulating the buyer messages.

That said, it still doesn’t help with figuring out what part of the API they’re using to do it.


Looks like that this is in the new API they just released.


Brilliant! How’d you find that? Would be great if they publicised that in the API docs. I’ll have to get building with that…


They said that it would be available on September 3rd. I happen to stumble upon the link on Mainly because new developers are being sent to the new API.


Thanks for sharing that , did you think we can use it with the usual mws access & queries ? or it require specific implementation ?


You need to sign up for the new Selling Partner API
Go here:

If using the C# library, there is a missing step, you have to assume role.
Go here for my other posting on how to do this w/C#
If java you are good to go: