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Hi, i’ve been trying to fill the request approval to sell DVDs via Amazon. My invoices meet all the criteria they put but they keep denying them. And all they say is "
we found that your invoices are not meeting the requirements. Due to proprietary information we are unable to disclose why certain invoices ought to be disapproved."

it means that they even don’t want to tell me what’s wrong with the invoices according to them.

Has anyone ever succeded to start selling DVDs under this “request approval” policy? because i start to doubt that they want any new sellers to enter since they send these “copy-paste” e-mails as a response to any of my questions. it’s like they don’t even take it under consideration


seems like the requirements have changed quite a bit since last year when many of us got approved.

i think they really look at your volume more than anything else…my approval went through without a hitch (shockingly) and much of the speculation about why so-and-so didn’t get approved (or why someone got re-gated) fit exactly what I sent in then and yet I was approved.


There are many sellers that have gone successfully through the approval process. We did last year when they first announced that all sellers would be required to go through the approval process or else find those DVD’s that are restricted to have our listings pulled.

I want to provide some suggestions for you to verify the following facts on your invoices.

  • Total of 3 invoices all within the last 180 days
  • All invoices are from the same distributor
  • You have multiple products and units for each
  • The products have an MSRP of more than $25
  • Invoices contain the following information:
    – Your name and contact information or your company’s name and contact information
    – The name and contact information of the company that provided the invoices or purchase orders
    – The names of the products you purchased and the quantity of each product
    There have been posts on these forums over the past few months talking about there needing to be a minimum total of 30 units purchased on each invoice (not sure if this is an unpublished requirement but if your invoices are very small counts this could be the reason). Recently there have been discussions on these forums where Amazon has been revoking DVD un-gating because they were approved based on invoices from there supplier; DVA. If this is your supplier, this might be the reason.

Without specifics, all that can be done is to offer suggestions and speculate as to why Amazon is rejecting your invoices. I hope some of this will help identify the reason.


Did you send in Invoices from the manufacture or authorized wholesale distributor? If they did not ask you for your state resale certificate, that’s a good indication that it was not a wholesale distributor but retail.

Did you buy from a retail store such as Best Buy, Costco, Target, etc? No good. those are retail stores.

From a liquidator? No good as they are not a wholesale distributor or manufacture.

Did you buy from DVA Special dot com? Rumors have been that they are not an acceptable source.



Thanks for reaching out to Seller Forums with your concern.

I’ve looked into this matter and want to advise that we are not currently accepting store receipts and online receipts for review. As the invoices you’ve provided are online receipts, this would be a factor that is causing an issue in meeting the minimum requirements.

I’d recommend that you reply to Seller Support, via the case that has been created, so that our approval team can assist you further in the category approval process. Our approvals team is quick to respond, so you should receive word from them within 24 hours of submitting your scanned, physical invoices/receipts.

Thanks again for reaching out to Seller Forums and I hope that you’ve got an excellent Wednesday ahead of you!


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